Lighting of Osmanthus Gardens


Save the Date!  2018 Lighting of Osmanthus Gardens will take place from Wednesday, 4 April to Sunday, 8 April 2018 inclusive.  More details will be posted in the New Year.


The 2017 lighting of the Osmanthus Gardens in Cornwall Park marked the 8th anniversary of the festival, and took placeon Wednesday 5th April to Sunday 9th April.  As a tribute to the sister city relationship between Hastings and Guilin China, new lotus lanterns were seen sprinkling the Garden’s waterways in their magnificence.  The Lotus is regarded in China as one of the top ten flowers.  It is a remarkable flower, noted not only for its ability to grow in muddy ponds, but also for its beautiful colours, size, and the richness of its symbolism.

The lanterns were made by Zigong Haitian Culture Co Ltd, and after only receiving a grant from Asia New Zealand Foundation in December 2016, they were constructed, dressed, delivered and loaded into a container bound for NZ on Christmas Eve in order for them to arrive in Hastings by mid-February.

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