Cornwall Park

Spread over 8 hectares in an English village green environment, Cornwall Park is Hastings’ oldest and most established park. It is home to an array of beautiful plant life, enormous trees, playgrounds, the District’s premium cricket grounds and a Chinese garden.

With access points from Tomoana Rd, Cornwall Rd and Roberts St, Cornwall Park is full of features to explore. Sit in the shade on a warm summer’s day and watch a game of cricket, take a walk around the park’s formal rose gardens, or visit the duck pond, aviary or the display house crammed with colourful exotics.

Keep an ear out for events being held here throughout the year, particularly over the summer months!5 Annual events include: Christmas in Cornwall Park, weekly ‘Summer in the Park’ concerts throughout Jan/Feb and International Cultures Day.







Cornwall Park Playground

Cornwall Park has a large playground suitable for all ages. Surrounded by park furniture and large trees that provide shade, the playground includes a very popular Splash Pad that keeps everyone cool and operates daily during summer from 9am-7pm! Other play features include multiple swing sets, a rocking frog, a truck, a scale swing and a large combination unit with several platforms

The Liberty Swing

Installed in 2005, the Liberty Swing was designed especially for children in wheelchairs and is a permanent fixture in the Cornwall Park playground. A fold-down ramp allows easy access for those on wheels, and the wheelchair is then locked firmly into place. A moulded plastic seat and harness allow children with other disabilities, who do not use wheelchairs but cannot use regular swings, to join in the fun.

The swing is kept locked to prevent vandalism, but you can obtain a key from Hastings District Council by visiting our customer service centre in Lyndon Road East, Hastings.

Osmanthus Gardens

This traditional Chinese garden was established at Cornwall Park in 1996 to commemorate Hastings' 15th anniversary of our sister city relationship with Guilin. The lighting of the Osmanthus Gardens is an annual event held in tribute to this relationship, visit here for more information. 

The garden takes its name from the Osmanthus family of plants which have been extensively planted throughout and includes highly scented shrubs and ground covers, along with group plantings of pine trees and bamboo.

Chinese gardens are rich in evocative symbolism and the Osmanthus Gardens are no different. At the heart of the garden is a large pond and pavilions at its edges. There is a curved Friendship Bridge across one side of the lake and the Crooked Bridge across the other. The garden displays a skilful combination of Chinese and New Zealand elements and plants. As such, it could be seen as a perfect symbol of the Hastings-Guilin link. Enjoy a wander through the gardens before checking out the native plant area or the large duck pond. 

Key features

  • Sportsground
  • Toilets
  • Splashpad
  • Aviary 
  • Premier Cricketground
  • Duck pond 
  • Picnic tables
  • Park bench
  • Playground
  • Drinking fountain 
  • Wheelchair friendly play equipment 
  • Public gardens 

Location Map