Current job vacancies

Council is currently seeking three senior leadership team members, in roles of

Group Manager: Community Facilities & Programmes - Click here
Group Manager: Economic Growth and Organisational Improvement - Click here
Chief Financial Officer - Click here

Sheffield is managing this process for Council. Please click on the relevant link to view more information.

Other Council vacancies can be viewed on our Jobs Board  - Click here

The recruitment and selection process

Step 1: Vacancy advertised – on this website and in other media (newspapers, websites) as appropriate.

Step 2: Applications received.

Step 3: Applications are considered by the appointing manager and those who are shortlisted are contacted and invited to attend an interview.

Step 4: Shortlisted applicants are interviewed - generally by a panel of people including the appointing manager, the supervisor/team leader and a person from the Human Resources group. As part of the selection process applicants may also be required to complete a work sample (a piece of work that they would be likely to encounter in the job).

Step 5: The best applicant for the job is chosen and offered the position. All unsuccessful applicants are notified