Current job vacancies

View and apply for Hastings District Council's current job vacancies by visiting our Jobs Board

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Applying for an advertised position

All applications must be made on our Jobs Board

You will be required to give an email address to complete the process. If you don’t have an email address, set one up for free with email providers such as Hotmail, Gmail or Yahoo, or you use an email address of a friend or relative.

The recruitment and selection process

Step 1: Vacancy advertised – on this website and in other media (newspapers, websites) as appropriate.

Step 2: Applications received.

Step 3: Applications are considered by the appointing manager and those who are shortlisted are contacted and invited to attend an interview.

Step 4: Shortlisted applicants are interviewed - generally by a panel of people including the appointing manager, the supervisor/team leader and a person from the Human Resources group. As part of the selection process applicants may also be required to complete a work sample (a piece of work that they would be likely to encounter in the job).

Step 5: The best applicant for the job is chosen and offered the position. All unsuccessful applicants are notified.


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