Development contributions

Development contributions are a fee payable on developments or subdivisions that generate additional demand on infrastructure and services.

This development may include new greenfields subdivision, infill development, townhouses, and any project that creates additional commercial or industrial sites or buildings.

Contributions may also be required for conversions or extensions to existing buildings where they create new or additional uses. This could include converting one residence into two, or converting a residential building into a commercial office. Any contribution payable is calculated under the Development Contributions Policy.

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The Development Contributions Policy affects most people and companies developing new residential, commercial or industrial sites or buildings.

 2015 16 Development Contributions Policy

What do development contributions fund?

Development contributions fund upgraded or new infrastructure which is a result of growth identified in the 10 year plan

The activities funded include roads, water supplies, waste water, stormwater disposal, playgrounds, toilets, parks and reserves. 

Development contributions are made up of a district wide component, ie. a set fee across the district and specific area contributions. These may vary according to the location of the development.

Development contributions do not fund operational expenditure or parts of capital works which deal with infrastructure renewal, infrastructure upgrades and where the required level of service to the existing community is not being fulfilled.

When development contributions not required

Development contributions may not be required (or may be reduced) when:

  • Council has already imposed a financial contribution condition on a resource consent for the same development; or
  • Financial contributions have already been paid in respect of a development; or
  • The developer will be providing network infrastructure upgrades or reserves in agreement with Council; or
  • Credits exist in respect to an existing development on the site to be discontinued

Assessing a development contribution

Your project will be assessed at one of three stages (which ever comes first):

  • When a resource consent (subdivision or landuse) is granted under the Resource Management Act 1991;
  • When a building consent is granted under the Building Act 2004; or
  • When an authorisation for a service connection is granted

Paying a development contribution

Development contributions can be paid at any time before:

  • A section 224 (c) certificate is issued for a subdivision consent;
  • A code of compliance certificate (CCC) is issued for a building consent;
  • An approved landuse consent can be acted upon; or
  • A service connection is provided

Reviewing development contributions

Request in writing that Council review our assessment of the development contributions for your project by contacting the Development Contributions Officer. 

Please include new or supporting information that your request is based upon.

Costs of development contributions

Please contact the Development Contributions Officer to see whether a development contribution would be required on your proposal and the level of contribution. 

More information

Read our frequently asked questions based on non-residential and residential dewllings:


For more information please contact the Development Contributions Officer on phone (06) 871 5000 or email