Dog registration

All dogs in New Zealand must be registered from three months of age. To register your dog, download the dog registration form (PDF 36 KB) and pay your registration fee online, or at council offices. 

Renew your dog registration

The final day for renewing your dog registration is 30 June each year. 

You can re-register your dog online

If your dog is not registered, you could be fined $300 and the dog can be impounded. In some circumstances you can also be prosecuted.



The cost to register your dog can be found in our fees section 


Dog Registration selfie competition

Take a selfie with your registered dog, share it with us through our Facebook page and go in the draw to be reimbursed for your 2017 dog registration fee. Visit here for the full terms and conditions.  



Frequently asked questions

Q. At what age must a dog be first registered? (Section 36 Dog Control Act 1996)
A. 3 months.

Q. What information must a person in charge of a dog supply to an Animal Control Officer on request (Sections 19 & 19a Dog Control Act 1996)
A. Name, date of birth, address, gender & description of the dog.

Q. When can a dog be walked off a leash in a public place? (Bylaws)
A. In a designated off-lead exercise area and in a rural area as prescribed in the HDC district plan.

Q. What are the requirements on barking dogs (Section 55 Dog Control Act 1996)
A. Dogs are not allowed to bark in a loud and persistent manner, creating a nuisance.

Q. When must a person in charge of a dog have a leash? (Section 54A Dog Control Act 1996)
A. At all times in a public area.

Q. What areas are prohibited for dogs in the Hastings District? (Bylaws)
A. Hastings District Council Libraries, Swimming Pools, Children's playing areas and areas set aside for organised games or sports.

Q. What must be done by the owner when the ownership of a dog is changed? (Section 48 Dog Control Act 1996)
A. Within 14 days give written notice to the Hastings District Council giving details of the residential address of the new owner and the address at which the dog will be kept. Click HERE to access the Notification of Change from. 

Q. Is a dog ‘in season’ (on heat) allowed in an off-lead area? (Bylaws)
A. No.




More than two dogs  

To keep more than two dogs on any urban property in the Hastings District, you must apply for a permit from Council and pay a fee

The conditions applying to three or more dogs on an urban property are outlined in the application form below.

Selected Owner Policy

Responsible dog owners in the urban zone with a clear record of two years or more may qualify for this scheme.  If successful, you may be eligible for discounted dog registration fees. Click HERE to apply.


Part of the annual registration fee will be refunded if a dog dies. The amount will depend on how many months are left in the registration year once council has received written notification of the dog’s death.

A dog’s registration applies nationwide, so the Council will not refund registration fees when a dog has been lost, stolen, or changed owner or district.

Dog Control Annual Report