Flaxmere Community Plan / Integrated Plan

In 2003 the Flaxmere community formed a strong relationship with Council to develop a ten year plan for Flaxmere. This led to the establishment of the Flaxmere Planning Committee and the Flaxmere Community Plan being published in 2005, with the vision “Flaxmere 2015 will be a beautiful, vibrant place of opportunity with people working together”. The plan was updated in 2010 in consultation with the Flaxmere Planning Committee and wider Flaxmere community.

In 2015, the Flaxmere Planning Committee began the process of reviewing the existing plan and developing a new plan to lead the Flaxmere Community into 2016-2019. Rather than hold large consultation events as had been undertaken previously, the committee identified four key areas and held a series of focus groups with community across these identified areas.

They are:

  • community pride
  • recreation activities
  • the older person
  • wellbeing

Young people, children and whanau are woven throughout the plan.Click here to view the Flaxmere Community Plan 2016-2019.

Flaxmere residents and Council staff involved in these four key areas were invited to participate in the focus groups and discuss their ideas. The outcomes have been incorporated into actions listed in the plan. The plan was sent to various members of the community for consultation and was adopted by Council on 15 December 2016

Please contact Hastings District Council’s Social Development Coordinator or one of your ward councillors (Henare O’Keefe or Jacoby Poulain) at Hastings District Council on 871 5000, or visit Flaxmere website http://www.flaxmere.community/