Graffiti Removal and Prevention

Graffiti is an act of vandalism that costs thousands of dollars to remove or cover every year.

Graffiti vandalism or tagging is a community problem which can lower property values. It suggests that the neighbourhood doesn't care or isn't able to cope with the problem.

If graffiti is left it creates an environment where other vandalism and more serious crimes such as burglary and assault may occur.


Hastings District Council has a dedicated Environment Enhancement team who have taken responsibility for the removal of graffiti from anything and anywhere within the Hastings District, particularly if it is in public view.

They photograph all graffiti that they come across and that is reported, which is then entered into a database to help police with the tracking, apprehension and prosecution of graffiti vandals.

If you have graffiti on your property please contact us so that we can photograph it before you remove it.


We've developed a guide with helpful tips for removing graffiti from your own property.

If you have graffiti on your property, it is in public view and you are unable to remove it then we can help with either the painting out/removal of the graffiti or you can collect a free graffiti removal kit from the Hastings District Council reception on Lyndon Rd East.

Just contact us first so we can organise a kit for you.


There are some steps you can take to discourage taggers from targeting your property - visit Keep Hastings Beautiful to read some of the techniques we've found to be effective.

Contact us

Please call 0800 NO GRAFFITI (0800 664 723) to report tagging or individuals known to be responsible for graffiti vandalism.