Hastings CBD Architectural Heritage Design Guide

The Hastings CBD Architectural Heritage Design Guide is an important source of information both for owners/occupiers of heritage buildings, and for the general public.

The purpose of the document is to assist in the recognition, maintenance and enhancement of the architectural heritage character of the Hastings CBD.

While it has been prepared specifically for buildings located within the CBD, its principles can be applied to other heritage buildings elsewhere within the District.

The guide sits alongside the District Plan and the City Plan as a key supporting document to retain the city’s historic and architectural identity.

The guide will be useful for building owners prior to undertaking any work on a heritage building or feature, or constructing a new building within the Central Character Precinct.

Information is provided on how to identify the architectural style of the building, and guidance as to how to retain or restore particular features unique to that style.

Guidance is also provided on appropriate signage, and the requirements of the District Plan for both the heritage items, and buildings located in the Central Character Precinct.