Hastings Sports Centre Fees

These charges apply to the hireage and use of the Hastings Sports Centre .

Main Hall

  Daytime hourly rate Evening/Weekend/Public holiday hourly rate
Commercial (100%) $86 $122
International Sport Event (80%) $69 $98
Casual charged event (60%) $52 $74
Casual sport and non profit (50%) $43 $61
Regular charged event (60%) $52 $74
Regular/seasonal sporting group (50%) $43 $61
Schools (30%) $26

Costs are per hour or part thereof and inclusive of GST. 1/2 hour bookings are available to regular users only.

All main hall charges include the additional usage of all downstairs facilities (showers and toilets, ticket office) along with grandstand, tables and chairs.

Other rooms

  Cost (Incl GST)
Function Room
Per Hour $20
Meeting Rooms
Per hour $15
Per hour (Club Room fee - for regular/seasonal hirers utilising Main Hall once per week - at the same time) $3.80
Discounts (The following discounts will apply only to accounts paid on time - 10 days in advance for casuals and by 20th of month for regulars) (only one discount applies per booking)
Individual bookings of the Main Hall, Function Rm and Meeting Rms of 6 hours or more 10% discount on commercial fee only.
Individual bookings of the Main Hall, Function Rm and Meeting Rms or 12 hours or more. 20% discount on commercial fee only.
Net charge of Function Rm or Meeting Rms when booked in conjunction with Main Hall 25% discount on commercial fee only.
Bond (A Bond will be payable at the time of booking for all users of the Main Hall and/or Function Room, which will be refundable at the conclusion of the booking provided no damage is caused)
Seasonal Users (key deposit) $100
Casual Users $200
Casual Users Function Room $150
Crockery $50
Individual Casual Users
Adults (per person) $5 per hour
Chairs and Tables
Functions in The Hastings Sports Centre Free
Hireage outside the Hastings Sports Centre Chairs 50cents each, trestles $10 each
Sound System
Fixed System
per session
per day
$100 + $50 each subsequent day
Portable Sound System
per session
per day/weekend
$100 + $50 each subsequent day

NB Definitions:

School (70% discount) - A school booking the Sports Centre for a school activity (e.g. prize giving, sports coaching session, sports day) during school hours only.

Regular (65% loyalty discount) - A group who uses the Sports Centre on a regular/seasonal basis for its club activities (i.e. the Hastings Sports Centre is the main venue in Hawke’s Bay for the organisation).

Charged Event - An event where there is a door charge to enter the building.

Minimum booking period - 1 hour