Havelock North Library getting facelift

Up to date: Hastings has had its refit including this new reception desk; Havelock North’s turn is coming up.

The plans for the makeover of the Havelock North Library have been drawn up and work is due to start in June.

Urgent work completed just over 12 months ago to replace leaking skylights made sure the collections were safe while the refurbishment planning went on.

The next stage of the work will see the internal layout redesigned and the front door moved to a more central position on the front wall. As well as being more welcoming, the moving of the door made sense space-wise, said acting Hastings District Council’s libraries manager Kate Peterson.

The new layout is the most exciting part of the project, she said.

“We are reducing the administration and staff areas out the back which gives a much more space to play with. We will have two new meeting spaces - that kind of area is something that has been sorely missing. Better defined quiet and relaxing spaces as well as programme spaces are all part of the mix.”

As with the Hastings War Memorial Library and the Flaxmere Library, the revamp includes redecoration. The colours will be from a softer palette than used in the Hastings and Flaxmere libraries, with tones to match the rimu trim in the Len Hoogerbrug and Paris Magdalinos-designed building. This will be the first ‘major’ work done on the 37-year-old building since Paris Magdalinos designed an extension which was completed in August 1998.

As in the other libraries a new front desk is in the plan. The artist-designed Hastings version has attracted a lot of interest and Ms Peterson says the Havelock North design will match beautifully with the new internal spaces.

On the practical side, the building is also getting a new air-conditioning system. Designing and organising the installation of that had added some time to the refurbishment timetable, but the much-improved air quality inside the building would be worth it, said Ms Peterson.