Litter Infringement Policy and Fines

Litter Infringement Policy

Graduated scale of litter fines in the Hastings District

Fines for disposal of waste in the Hastings District in a public place or on private land without the occupier’s consent1:


Descriptors for typical offences2


Depositing litter of less than 1 litre by volume

Examples: a takeaway container or contents of a car ash tray.


Depositing litter from 1 to 20 litres by volume3

Examples: roadside dumping of a single 1.5 litre plastic container, a single disposable nappy, or placing household rubbish bags or accumulated car waste in public litter bins


Depositing litter from 20 to 120 litres by volume4

Depositing waste in a public green space

Examples: roadside dumping of small volumes of household or green waste, or of any pest plant material, or depositing any waste in a park.


Depositing litter of more than 120 litres by volume

Depositing dangerous litter5

Examples: dumping commercial waste, multiple disposable nappies, car parts or glass, e-waste or animal remains

  1. Council reserves the right to prosecute offenders in respect of any breaches of the Litter Act 1979.
  2. Where an offence fits more than one descriptor, the higher fine shall apply. For repeat offending for the same offence within 12 months, the next higher fine level shall apply, if available.
  3. 20 litres is the approximate maximum capacity of two standard supermarket bags.
  4. 120 litres is the approximate maximum capacity of a small 'wheelie bin'.
  5. “Dangerous Litter” is litter of such a nature as is likely to endanger any person or to cause physical injury or disease or infection to any person coming into contact with it (being in particular any bottle whether broken or not, glass, article containing glass, sharp or jagged material, or any substance of a toxic or poisonous nature).