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Hawke's Bay Opera House
27 November 2015

Keeping the opera house is “a no-brainer”, says internationally acclaimed urban designer James Lunday. He was in Hastings on Wednesday (November 18) to meet with the Independent Working Group (IWP) which has the job of coming up with options and concepts for the Hawke’s Bay Opera House, 

26 November 2015

It is the Havelock North Library’s turn for a revamp, with plans being drawn up over the next few months. “How best to lay the building out in relation to how the library is used both now and into the future is the focus,” said libraries’ manager Paula Murdoch. “But before we begin that bigger project, there are a few maintenance issues to address before Christmas.” The old skylights above the non-fiction collection will be removed on Monday 7 December.

Tourism poster: Dennis Beytagh, New Zealand, 1960, Lithograph, Tourist Department
25 November 2015

Beautifully drawn posters “selling the dream” to the potential tourists of the early 1900s have become artworks in their own right. Before the advent of colour photos and automated large-scale printing carefully-crafted poster images were pivotal in developing New Zealand’s tourism industry and the country’s national identity. Selling the Dream is an exhibition of classic tourism posters opening at Hastings Art Gallery on December 5.

Clive River
24 November 2015

The Clive Community Group is inviting Clive residents to a meeting next Monday to discuss “where to from here”. Up for discussion will be a review of the success of the current Clive Community Plan 2006-2016 and ideas for the future. 

Lawrence Yule and John Payne
23 November 2015

Twelve months on from a review of council’s dog control section the new pound kennels are complete – and it is much easier to keep the dogs healthy. They are also quieter and more relaxed. Hastings District councillors viewed the complex on Tuesday morning before accepting a report on progress at a planning and regulatory committee meeting held after the site visit.

Te Reo programme Me Noho Takatu
23 November 2015

The Me Noho Takatū project has won the local government category of Ngā Tohu Reo Māori – The National Māori Language Awards. Me Noho Takatū meaning 'Be Prepared' was developed by a Hawke's Bay group providing bilingual resources for Hawke's Bay Kōhanga Reo and Early Childhood Education kaiako/teachers, whānau and children.

19 November 2015

As the weather warms up, the risk of dogs contracting the extremely dangerous and highly contagious parvovirus increases. Animal welfare and management services across Napier and Hastings had noted increases in incidents of the virus in their facilities over the last few weeks. Hastings District Council animal management manager John Payne says the virus is much more prevalent in warm dry weather, and in areas where the rates of vaccination against the virus are low. “Roaming dogs are particularly susceptible as parvovirus can survive in the environment and remain infectious for years.”

Hawke's Bay Opera House
16 November 2015

Concepts for the future of the Hawke’s Bay Opera House, the Municipal Buildings and Civic Square, will get their first public airing in six weeks’ time. The concepts represent the culmination of five months of work by the Independent Working Party (IWP). “An independent group was asked to carry out this project to ensure it was looked at as broadly as possible; we really wanted to open it up to blue-sky thinking,” said Hastings mayor Lawrence Yule.

A still from Bridget Sutherland’s film Oxygen depicting horses in war.
16 November 2015

Words written in wartime 100 years ago are the seeds that have grown into the exhibition Word and Deed, in which three Hawke’s Bay artists illistrate the futility of war, both for the fighting forces and their horses. The artists, Wellesley Binding, David Guerin and Bridget Sutherland, have combined forces to create a moving exhibition that draws from the letters and poetry of Wilfred Owen and Alfred Owen Wilkinson.

Splash Planet
11 November 2015

The pools are full; the annual painting marathon has been completed; the café food has been ordered; the gardener has put the final touches to the gardens – and the staff has mushroomed from five to 80. It is almost time for the summer season of Splash Planet to kick off – Monday, November 16 is the first day of the season.


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