Omarunui Landfill fees


Waste type

$ (incl waste levy & emission trading scheme charges, excl GST)

Minimum charge for municipal refuse (excludes all special wastes) 157.00
Municipal refuse (per tonne or part thereof) 88.00
Minimum charge for all special wastes 183.00

Special wastes (per tonne or part thereof)

Semi liquid
Vehicle parts

Whole tyres (per tonne or part thereof) Under review
Processed tyres  Under review
Expanded polystyrene (EPS) / Poly Panel (per tonne) 1280.00 (minimum charge)
850.00 (poly panel cut to lengths less than 3m)
Out of Hastings District (per tonne or part thereof) 150.00
  • Municipal Refuse – Household and Industrial/Commercial waste
  • Special Waste:  All offal / putrescible, semi liquid, asbestos, contaminated and hazardous wastes are defined as “Special Waste” and disposal conditions are set out in the Omarunui Landfill – Waste Disposal Conditions of Licence.
  • Asbestos, contaminated and hazardous wastes require prior notification and approval.
  • Out of District - disposal of waste originating from outside the Hastings District and Napier City boundaries requires prior approval from the Solid Waste Engineer or Waste Services Manager. The consequences of non notification could result in prosecution and loss of your Landfill Licence

The cost of dumping may be reviewed by the Omarunui Landfill Committee and any changes will be publicly notified in accordance with the “The Heads of Agreement between Hastings District Council and Napier City Council.

Additional waste categories

Waste type

New requirement/disposal condition

Tyres Tyres will only be accepted on a case by case basis and at the discretion of the Group Manager: Asset Management.
Wire and wire rope, irrigation tubing, steel strapping

Must be cut to 1m lengths for 'General' rate to apply and only if not reusable or recyclable otherwise 'Special' waste applies

Bulk plastic wrap (polythene, silage, shrink) Special waste only if not reusable or recyclable
Residual fire material Special waste / subject to approval minimum 10 days standing period prior to acceptance is required
Sealed containers Prohibited item
Netting (bird, fishing, fencing) Prohibited item unless shredded
Old chemical drums Prohibited item unless triple rinsed and crushed
Refrigerators/freezers Additional charge $30.00 per item applies unless degassing certificate supplied
Vehicle parts General rates if 'processed', otherwise special rates apply

Penalty charges

Additional penalty charges may be charged in the following situations at the discretion of the Landfill Manager;

  • Late delivery of wastes (after 4.30pm or outside of normal operating hours)
  • Non-compliance with direction given for delivery of wastes, such as putrecible wastes and special wastes
  • Insecure loads - the Kiosk Operator, Landfill Supervisor or Landfill Manager may impose a penalty charge of $50.00 for continued insecure loads