Papakainga Development Guide

The Papakainga Development Guide was published in 2008; a joint project by the three agencies: Hastings District Council, the Maori Land Court: Takitimu, and Te Puni Kokiri: Takitimu Region.

The District Plan provides for papakainga development on Maori land. Yet only three applications for papakainga have succeeded. It was identified that the three agencies shared the same objective to assist Maori to reoccupy their ancestral land, but their respective processes did not harmonise and this presented an obstacle to applicants.

The agencies agreed to harmonise their processes through the production of the Papakainga Development Guide.

Maori-land accounts for 22% of the District’s land, so there is potential for many papakainga developments to occur. It is hoped that the effect of the Guide will be an increase in consent applications for papakainga.

The guide is laid out as a workbook to cover each stage of a papakainga development project, thus: whanau (getting the approval and viable relationships within the collective ownership of land); whenua (the legal forms under which the land may be occupied); and, whare (the consents required – building, waste water management, for example).

The Guide won a New Zealand Post Excellence Award at the 2008 Local Government New Zealand conference. Since then the Guide has been in demand throughout the country – from Maori, academics, and other councils. 

Copies of the Papakaiga Development Guide and appendices on CD ROM are available on request from Hastings District Council, or 06 871 5000 - there is a $40 duplication fee for copies of the guide.