From 1 July 2017 drivers have the options of using a coin in the meter or using an app on their smartphone to pay in the city centre. The ParkMate NZ app can be used at car parks across New Zealand, including in Napier and at the Hawke’s Bay Memorial Hospital.

ParkMate FAQ’s

Is ParkMate available for on-street metered parking as well as off street car parks?
Yes, every car park in the city centre is available via the location map/list.

What app do I download?
‘ParkMate NZ’.

I don’t have an iPhone – is the app available for Android?
Yes it is available via Google Play, Windows Store and the Apple App Store.

How much does parking cost and is there a user charge when you use the app?
The charge is detailed when you select your location, and is also marked on the meter. You only pay for the time you use. ParkMate charges 30 cents per transaction (on top of the cost of parking).

If I move my car, do I need to pay the 30 cent transaction fee again?

How does the app know my location?
Locations automatically come up in the app – you just need to choose the correct one.

Can I use multiple vehicles with ParkMate?
Yes you can store multiple number plates in the App, but you can only run one active session for a number plate at a time. Just click on the licence plate in the SESSIONS or OPTIONS screens to change it.

How do the parking officers know I have paid via ParkMate?
Once you hit start, our team can look up your license plate on their monitoring device which will show the car park you are in and whether your parking session is active.

Is the credit card system secure?
Yes. The payment system is operated by Advam – a Tier 1 payment processer which provides the most stringent industry accreditations including PCI compliance and EMV certification.

I forgot to press stop – will it keep charging me?
You will be sent a message on your phone asking you if you are still parked. You can change how often these reminders occur under the OPTIONS tab (15m, 30m, 1h, 2h, and 3h).

What if I can’t find the stop button?
Your phone needs to be refreshed, restart the App.

Can I view my transaction history or get a GST invoice?
Yes – click on the My Account link on the ParkMate front page or visit for your account details.

What happens if I accidentally exit the App or my phone dies?
The App keeps your session active as it is Cloud-based. When you reopen the App, if you have an active session the Timer screen will appear and your parking will still be active.

Can I pay for a disability park with ParkMate?
Yes, and you are still be able to stay parked for double the time permitted for the carpark.

Note: Council’s on-street mobility spaces do not have meters so parking in those parks is free for those displaying a mobility coupon.  However if you park in a normal carpark or in the Pay & Display off-street carpark payment is required but you are allowed double the time in the space.

More info on how to set up the App and other FAQ’s can be found at: