Resource Consents FAQ

Frequently asked questions about Resource Consents - what they are, whether you need one and how to go about it.

What is a Resource Consent?

A Resource Consent is the Council's permission to carry out an activity which may have an impact on the environment.  Resource Consents should not be confused with Building Consents, which involve buildings and structures - you may need both depending on your project.

The Hastings District Plan divides the district into zones and specifies what sorts of activities are permitted, what activities will need a resource consent, and what is prohibited , in each zone..

When the council considers your application for resource consent, it follows the processes set out in the Resource Management Act.

Do I need a resource consent?

Whether you’ll need a resource consent, and what type of consent you’ll need, depends on your proposal  and the relevant District Plan rules and standards for your site.

For example, a resource consent may be needed to build a house or garage, subdivide your property, move earth, run an event or concert, alter of or demolish a heritage building, put up a sign etc.

Before you start any activity that might affect your neighbours, your wider community, or your environment, you should contact the Council duty planner on 871 5000.

An Environmental Consents Planner will be able to tell you whether you need to apply for a resource consent.

Are there different types of resource consent?

Hastings District Council deals with two types of resource consent:

A subdivision consent is required to legally divide land or buildings for separate ownership, such as new lots or sections (fee simple or an adjustment of property boundaries), unit titles, cross leases, or company leases.

A land use consent is required if your building project or land use activity does not comply with the planning rules or standards in the Hastings District Plan.  You also have the option of amending your proposal so that it complies with the planning rules and standards, so that a resource consent is not needed.

Please note: If any building work (including plumbing and drainage) is necessary (see the Building section), chances are you will also need to obtain a building consent under the Building Act. While the Resource Management Act is concerned with keeping the environment a pleasant place to live, work and play, the Building Act is more focused on whether buildings are healthy and safe places, for example, are they structurally sound with sufficient ventilation and adequate drainage.

How do I apply for a resource consent?

Your first step should be to speak to an Environmental Consents Planner at the Council on 871 5000.

A more detailed description of the process can be found on the 'Applying for Resource Consent' page.