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This page lists current and upcoming roadworks, ongoing road maintenance and temporary road closures in the Hastings District. Work dates may be subject to change.

Christmas Arrangements

Find out what is happening with roadworks in the Hastings District over the Christmas holiday period 

Regional roadworks sites

See the NZTA state highway road works for  week commencing 23rd November 2015 (pdf 258 KB)

Areas of note are:

SH2 under the Mohaka Railway Viaduct south of Raupunga will be reduced to single lane- a priority give way will be put in and will remain until the subsidence is fixed.

Large event at Te Aute School on Saturday 26th Sept- large numbers of vehicles expected and SH2 will be under speed restriction.

Motorists can expect to see a large number of works occurring on the highway as crews clean up following the recent rain.

Further information on highway conditions is available here

Regular maintenance and other works

Ultra fast broadband

Chorus is undertaking their Ultra Fast Broadband (UFB) rollout in Hastings district. If you have any issues/queries please contact them direct via the following:

T: 0800 832 000



Gas works

For any issues/queries please contact Powerco via the following: 

T: 0800 POWERCO (0800 769 372)


Unison Networks & UnisonFibre

Unison owns, designs, manages and operates the electricity network and an ultrafast fibre optic network serving Hawke’s Bay.

For any issues/queries please contact Unison on:

0800 2 UNISON (0800 286 476)



Maintenance contacts

Rural Network Maintenance – DRA2
Fulton Hogan – roading, drainage, signs, mechanical sweeping and bridge maintenance
Fulton Hogan Duty Phone - 027 666 1682
2nd call: Rei: 027 245 3709
3rd call: Daryl: 027 498 9856 
Fulton Hogan Contract Manager: Gavin McMahon - 0274 456 983
HDC Contract Rep: Les Glock - 0274 439 035

Urban Network Maintenance – DRA1
Downer – roading, drainage, signs, mechanical sweeping and footpath maintenance
Downer Duty Phone - 027 668 0216
Downer Operations Manager: Tony Banks 027 492 7097
Downer Contract Manager: Kervin Demanser - 833 7598  or 027 498 0957 
HDC Contract Rep: Bill Blair – 0275 888 392

Streetlighting & Traffic Signal Maintenance – DRA 1 & 2
Pope Electrical - Duty Phone 06 876 7541
Pope Contract Rep: Nathan Pope – 021 701 702
HDC Contract Rep: Tim Bateman - 0275 888 390 

Pavement Marking Maintenance – DRA 1 & 2
Roadrunners Duty Phone: (06) 348 9995 (Wanganui Office)
HDC Contract Rep: Tim Bateman - 0275 888 390 

Water Services Maintenance – Water, Sewer and Stormwater
Contract Manager: Tony Dench, HDC – 0272 499 710
Contractor: Greg Winnie, City Care – 0272 638 711
City Care – Duty Phone: 027 837 3186

Dead Animals in Waterways
Hawke’s Bay Regional Council – Duty Phone: (06) 835 9200


Reseals Programme - 2015/2016

Clifton Road (AC Joint to 100kph signs)
Lawn Road (Te Mata Mangateretere to Mill)
Pipi Street (Clifton to Wellwood)

Ayre Street (Crail to Dundee)
Baffin Place (Chatham to End)
Lander Street (Kingsley to Palgrave)
Weddell Street (Palgrave to Kingsley)

Allenby Street (Norton to End)
Awatea Street (Hastings to Willowpark)
Canning Road (Omahu to Orchard)
Charles Street (Southampton to Henry)
Charles Street (Henry to Gordon)
Davis Street (Heretaunga To Southampton)
Dennett Street (Fitzroy to Lane)
Elm Road (Willowpark to Oak)
Elm Road (Oak to Riverslea)
Fenwick Street (Karamu to Seal Joint)
Fenwick Street (Seal Joint to Seal Joint)
Fizroy Avenue (Roberts to Grays)
Florence Place (Oliphant to End)
Frimley Avenue (Omahu to Frimley)
Frimley Road (Pakowhai to Karatiana)
Frimley Road (Karitiana to Frimley)
Frimley Road (Frimley to Nottingley)
Frimley Road (Pakowhai to Karatiana)
Frimley Road (Karatiana to Frimley)
Frimley Road (Frimley to Nottingley)
Garry Street (Oliphant to End)
Glenhope Street (Williams to End)
Gordon Road (Southland to Florence)
Grove Road (Karamu to Willowpark)
Grove Road (Karamu to Willowpark)
Hapia Street (Canning to End)
Hart Place (Hart to Hart)
Hastings Street South (Southampton to Awatea)
Hinau Street (St Aubyn to Fitzroy)
Kaipo Road (Maraekakaho to Seal joint)
Kaipo Road (Seal Joint to End)
Kaka Street (Lowe to End)
Karaitiana Street (Omahu to Ikanui)
Karatiana Street (Ikanui to Frimley)
King Street North (Queen to Avenue)
Kitchener Street ( Nelson to Roberts)
Kiwi Place (Kiwi to End)
Konini Street (Fredrick to Williams)
Lowe Street (Seal Joint to Seal Joint)
Lowe Street (Seal Joint to Seal Joint)
Lowe Street (Seal Joint to Seal Joint)
Lowe Street (Huia to Kiwi)
Lumsden Place (Lumsden to End)
Manuka Street (Kauri to End)
Maraekakaho Road (Wall to Seal Joint)
Maraekakaho Road (Seal Joint to York)
Purser Place (Nelson to End)
Purser Place (Purser to End)
Roberts Street (Fitzroy to Kitchener)
Ruru Place (Kiwi to End)
Southampton Street West (Railway to Charles)
Southampton Street West (Railway to Charles)
Stortford Street (Heretaunga to Plunket)
Takapu Place (Takapu to End)
Tamatea Place (Tamatea to End)
Townshend Place (Townshend to End)
Tudor Avenue (Karamu to End)
Usherwood Crescent (Norton to Norton)
Wentworth Street (Gordon to Oliphant)
Wilson Road ( Omahu to Manchester)
Willowpark Road North (Grove to Collinge)
Hood Street (Jellicoe to Beatty)
Lowe Street (Seal Joint to Huia)

Havelock North
Fulford Road ( Te Mata to End)
Greenwood Road (Te Mata Peak to Tokomaru)
Geenwood Road (Tokomaru to Mc Hardy)
Greenwood Road (McHardy to Duart)
Joll Road (Porter to Tanner)
Joll Road Service Lane (Cinema Gold)
Havelock Road Service Lane

Havelock Road (Bridge to AC joint St Georges)
Havelock Road ( AC joint St Georges to Norton)
Irongate Lane (Stock to End)
Te Mata Mangateretere ( Seal Joint to Thompson)
Te Mata Mangateretere (Thompson to Lawn)
Wellwood Road ( Heathcoat to End)

Anderson Road (Whakatu to Station)

Hill Road Intersection

Current & starting soon

Temporary road closures

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