Ron Giorgi

Ron Giorgi I and II are inner neighbourhood parks that sit on either side of Walton Way. Ron Giorgi I has a small playground with a number of swings, a merry-go-round and park benches and also has an access point from Kirkcaldy Crescent.

Ron Giorgi II is the significantly larger of the two and also serves as a sports ground, with an artificial cricket wicket and skating facilities. Home to the Western Suburbs Rugby and Sport Club, the park also has clubrooms and changing room facilities on the corner of Portsmouth and Chatham roads. 

Accessible from Chatham Road, Burton Crescent and Scott Drive, Ron Giorgi III is the second largest of the Ron Giorgi parks and has a large grassed area that is great for a fun afternoon playing family cricket or footy! There is a small neighbourhood playground on the Scott Drive side, with a range of swings, a truck, a riding dragon and a see saw.