Rural property numbering

Rural properties are identified using a standard numbering system called RAPID—Rural Address Property Identification System.

The major benefit of RAPID numbering is that it saves time locating properties and occupants - especially for emergency services (ambulance, fire service, police).

How RAPID works

Properties are given a unique number based on their distance along a road from its start point or intersection with another road. 

The number given to a property is calculated by multiplying the number of kilometres that property is from the start point of the road by 100. 

Numbers of the right side of the road are even, those on the left side are odd.

Ongoing Maintenance and Replacement

Ongoing maintenance and replacement of the numbers are your responsibility. You should also control roadside vegetation so that the number remains clearly visible to passing vehicles.

If you have any questions about maintenance, position of RAPID numbers or would like to order a new number plate please contact us.


If you are subdividing, a new RAPID number will only be required for any new entranceways created and will only be issued upon request. The existing entranceway will retain the current RAPID number and new numbers will be allocated to any new lots utilising the existing entranceway. This is because the RAPID number is based on a measured distance along a road.

Apply for a RAPID number

Numbers are allocated on request where a formed entrance exists, and are usually triggered by a building consent application.  Alternatively you may download the Application Form below or collect one from our Customer Services centre. 

Request for Rural Property Number - RAPID

Place your RAPID plate close to your driveway, on a letterbox, gatepost or fence facing the road.

It's not possible to change the number on request, as it reflects the distance along the road.  We cannot change the number without compromising the integrity of the numbering system.


The current cost for a RAPID number plate is $20.00. This cost has been partially subsidised by Council.

Properties on a state highway

State highway roads in the Hastings District may also have a local name for a portion of the road e.g. Korokipo Rd, Links Rd etc. The numbering works the same way and retains continuity along the entire section of the state highway within the district. 

Can my stockyard or packing shed have a RAPID number?

Yes. Council is able to provide a RAPID number to any property as long as it has a formed entrance. 

Rapid image