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A Safe Community is...

A community where people can go about their daily activities in an environment without fear, risk of harm or injury.

What is Safer Hastings?

Safer Hastings is made up of a diverse group of government and non-government agencies, with a wide network of supporting organisations, all working together to improve community safety. Hastings District Council is the lead agency providing administrative and practical support for the group.

Safer Hastings Goals/Outcomes

  • Supportive and connected communities and agencies
  • Safe and healthy homes
  • Safe roads
  • Public spaces are used freely without fear
  • People are free from alcohol related harm

Our Focus Areas







Benefits of working together

  • Mapping and linking of initiatives
  • Sharing best practice and evidence based strategies
  • Increasing impact and reach
  • Continuity of messages and interventions
  • Reducing duplication and gaps identified
  • Increasing capability and capacity of group members and the community

What do members do?

  • Share relevant information, projects and knowledge that contribute to community safety in Hastings and the wider Hawke’s Bay area.
  • Act as a representative for the views of their organisation with regards to community safety in Hastings
  • Ensure information from Safer Hastings is shared with their own organisation.
  • Promote the activities of Safer Hastings widely, through communication to service providers and other networks.
  • Seek and consider input from the community when developing the Safer Hastings work plan and programmes.

How you can be involved

  • Attend Community Workshops.
  • Join our information network to receive updates and newsletters.
  • Update Safer Hastings with your activities.
  • Work on a collaborative project aimed to address a specific issue.

2015 Annual Report





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