Community Planning

Helping our diverse communities develop their strengths is very important for all of us.

To help achieve this aim, Council assists clusters of neighbourhoods to come up with a community plan. No two communities are the same, which means no two plans are identical – some have priorities around play spaces or encouraging further education, others are focussed on job creation or safety. The sky is the limit (well almost).

Council’s role is to help a community consult with its residents and then develop a plan, and then assist with the processes and relationship-building that grows from the plan. It might be that Council advises on how to lodge a resource consent, advises which charitable organisation might consider a funding request, or introduces the community to the appropriate central government organisation. Having a community plan also means Council is aware of the wishes of a community so when it is working on its own plans it can ensure goals don’t clash.

Some of the Hastings community plans have been in place for up to 13 years, having been reviewed several times. Concrete results have come out of them: Upgraded playgrounds, new public access to rivers, the opening of community gardens, and  the development of garden tool collections for sharing.

Take a few moments to review the Making Magic video and booklet on this page, have a look at a couple of plans, and then, if you think your community might be ready to develop its own plan or you just want to know more, email: web



The area that encompasses the coastal villages of Haumoana, Te Awanga and Clifton is a special place of rich history and immense beauty. 

Each village has its own distinct character and are well known for their lively and dynamic communities. When you consider the area’s natural beauty, vibrant art scene, wineries, world renowned tourist attractions and recreational activities – it is a superb place to live and visit.


As the Flaxmere community has changed and grown over time so too has the need for the town centre to adapt. The Hastings District Council has recognised this need and initiated the Urban Design Framework to help guide future council decisions on urban form, land use and community projects in and around the town centre.


The Havelock North Village Plan was developed with community input between 2013 and 2015, to reflect the values and facilities people in Havelock North think are important.

This plan shows the key objectives identified by the community and how Council is contributing to maintaining and developing them and also shares information links and related actions.


Camberley is a small community in terms of residents and geography. It is an area recognised for its cultural diversity and its close-knit community spirit.

The residents are proud of Camberley and through participating in writing this plan, have determined a way ahead for their community. This document is their work and their vision.


In 2003 the Flaxmere community formed a strong relationship with Council to develop a ten year plan for Flaxmere. This led to the establishment of the Flaxmere Planning Committee and the Flaxmere Community Plan being published in 2005, with the vision “Flaxmere 2015 will be a beautiful, vibrant place of opportunity with people working together”. The plan was updated in 2010 in consultation with the Flaxmere Planning Committee and wider Flaxmere community.