Fees and Forms

This section contains the various fees and charges applicable to Council services. While every effort is made to keep these up to date, this website should be considered a guide only and not an official schedule of charges. Please call 871 5000 if you require any assistance.


Under the Dog Control Act 1996 dog owners may be issued with an infringement notice if they, or their dogs(s) are found committing specific offences.


Parking fees in high demand areas of Hastings are set at $1.00 per hour to encourage faster turnarounds of on-street carparks. Council has extended parking times at no extra cost from one hour to four hours on the outer edges of the CBD, with the aim of reducing congestion in the middle of town.


  • Corridor Access Request (CAR) approval $400.00
  • Corridor Access Request (CAR) auditing charge $100.00 per hour
  • Traffic Management Plan (TMP) approval $100.00


Hastings District Council's refuse transfer stations are totally user-pays. This means only the people who use the transfer stations will be paying for their operation, not ratepayers in general.

Green waste charges are much lower than mixed waste, so there’s an extra incentive to separate your green waste and recycle as much as possible.

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