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Council builder (1930s): Sam (Arthur) Clapperton, The Clapperton family
20 October 2016

The Clapperton family’s connection with Council goes back more than 80 years and at least three generations. The shared history came to light after a tiny time capsule was found earlier this month, inside the newly moved Havelock North Cricket Pavilion.

20 October 2016

Notice of Initial Hearing: The Government Inquiry into Havelock North drinking water will hold an initial public hearing at 1oam on October 27, 2016. The hearing will be held at Hastings District Court, 106 Eastbourne Street West, Hastings. Any member of the community is welcome to attend. Please note there will be limited space for media in the Court.

Haumoana Memorial Arch
18 October 2016

Another Poppy Place is about to be celebrated in Hastings – this one is Memorial Park Avenue, leading to the Memorial Arch in Haumoana’s Memorial Park. The unveiling of the Poppy Place sign will be at 11am on October 28, just after the opening of the newly revamped playground that is on the Haumoana Memorial Park.

17 October 2016

Australasia’s fastest sprinter (under 18 years, over 100m) used a Hastings Youth Council Grant to help her get to the competition at which she scored the win. Georgia Hulls was one of 18 who received a grant of between $250 and $1000 last year. The fund is administered by Hastings Youth Council. Nominations have been called for again this year, with a closing date of November 4. Giving their peers a helping hand to achieve their goals is one of the parts of being on the Youth Council that the members enjoy most, says Hastings District Council youth co-ordinator Paddy Steffert.

The Cube: Hawke's Bay Arts Festival
14 October 2016

More than 500 people have plucked up the courage to step inside The Cube since it landed in the Hastings city centre on Tuesday. At more than 100 a day, that far exceeds the numbers the awe-inspiring virtual reality experience has attracted in big cities like Montreal and Johannesburg. Normally a ‘walk-up’ show, the demand has prompted organisers to implement a booking system.

From left, Piripi Smith, Matiu Eru and Dan Gilbert.
14 October 2016

A mauri stone has been placed at the centre of the platform being created for the navigation compass at Waitangi Regional Park (October 14). Te Matau a Māui Voyaging Trust members, project staff from Hawke’s Bay Regional Council, Fulton Hogan and MWH Ltd met at the Waitangi Regional Park enhancement site this morning to witness the ceremonial placement, carried out by Te Matau a Māui Voyaging Trust director Piripi Smith.

FitzGerald children, from left: Sita, 8, Ronan, 2, Seamus, 9, BB, 5.
13 October 2016

Mega and basket swings, a “spinning circus”, “mini birds nest” and an in-ground trampoline are all “upping the fun quotient” at the Haumoana Playground. The playground is the most recent Hastings playground to undergo a refresh. It is almost finished and kids will love it. Hastings District Council’s parks manager Colin Hosford says traditional play equipment, like toddlers’ swings and slides, is still available.

Wastewater plant, Clive
13 October 2016

Some projects are trickier than others – and one about to start has a bunch of elements that will make it interesting: pipe “strings”, boats, dive squads; wastewater and a very real reliance on good weather. And then there is the fact that the work area will impact on a road, a small section of a limestone walk and cycleway, and a bridle path for a short time. All of this means that a great deal of planning has been completed before the physical works started this week. 

The Cube: Hawke's Bay Arts Festival, Haweks' Bay Today's Linda Hall in The Cube. HB Arts Festival.
10 October 2016

The consensus was “crazy, freaky, trippy and incredible”. Media had a sneak preview of The Cube, a free short film set up in the Hastings city centre mall today. They came out of the viewing wide-eyed and full of superlatives. Martin Good and Sarah van der Kley, from The Hits, and Linda Hall from Hawke’s Bay Today took turns to don the latest in 3D technology and enter The Cube one at a time. Without giving too much away, the free 15 minute was definitely worth seeing, they said.

10 October 2016

Updated preliminary election results have been released by Hastings District Council. The members of Council remain the same at this stage however the vote count numbers have changed. The final results are expected to be announced later this week. Council will be led by returning mayor Lawrence Yule. The 14 councillors who will join him (subject to final results) are: George Lyons, Rod Heaps, Ann Redstone, Jacoby Poulain, Henare O'Keefe, Sandra Hazlehurst, Malcolm Dixon, Kevin Watkins, Damon Harvey, Geraldine Travers, Bayden Barber, Simon Nixon and Adrienne Pierce. Tania Kerr was elected unopposed in her electorate.