Parking regulations aim to ensure cars are parked safely and considerately, as well as ensuring everyone has a fair chance of getting a car park in the CBD.


Leased parking is an easy way to ensure a carpark within the Hastings central business district. When you lease a parking space, you have exclusive use of the space, seven days a week.

The cost to lease a carpark from Hastings District Council ranges from $70 to $80/month. Leased parks are available in:


There are 16 mobility parking spaces available for people with disabilities throughout the central business districts of Hastings and Havelock North. These spaces are provided for people with Mobility ParkingPermits (CCS cards) only.


Parking fees in high demand areas of Hastings are set at $1.00 per hour to encourage faster turnarounds of on-street carparks. Council has extended parking times at no extra cost from one hour to four hours on the outer edges of the CBD, with the aim of reducing congestion in the middle of town.

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