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Update at 9.35am Saturday 6 June

The Whirinaki water situation continues to improve, with Hastings District Council staff advising yetserday that the reservoir was full.

That meant the area had three to four days of water supply at normal useage levels.

Staff had spent the week testing water from the area's two bores after unusually large sea swells the week before contaminated the supply with salt.

One bore had cleared and was now able to be used continuously, replenishing the reservoir, while tests of water from the second larger bore showed salt levels continuing to drop.

Staff said that pump should be able to be reconnected to the supply early this coming week.

A back-up plan to take link up to a Napier supply had been actioned and was still available if needed.

Update at 1pm Tuesday 3 June

While it is looking increasingly likely that Whirinaki’s water supply can go back to its usual bore source in the very near future, we are continuing with our contingency plan of linking into an alternative supply.

On Sunday, a resident notified Hastings District Council that the water had a salty taste.


Hastings is lucky to have a good supply of fresh, clean water from its underground aquifers, but we should not take this for granted. By taking a few simple steps to reduce your water useage now, you can help ensure future generations enjoy the same privilege.


Stormwater runoff is water that “runs off” across the land instead of seeping into the ground. This runoff usually flows into the nearest stream, creek, river or lake. The runoff is not treated in any way.

Stormwater runoff

What is polluted runoff?

Rain falls on your roof, lawns and pavement and the runoff picks up debris and pollutants on route to our streams and rivers.


Submissions on the Wastewater Consent closed 5 May 2013. Feedback is currently being collated and analysed. Comments will be considered as part of the AEE finalisation process this month before lodgement with the Hawke's Bay Regional Council in July 2013.

Background information

Hastings District Council’s wastewater discharge consent expires in March 2014.

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