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The Youth Service Database was first developed back in 2010. It is a comprehensive list of youth services providers in Hawke’s Bay.


Issues surrounding Genetic Modification (GM) have been raised by the District’s food producers through a number of different forums including the Long Term Plan

One perspective on the issue has resulted in the establishment of Pure Hawke's Bay, who are seeking a moratorium on GM field trials in the region (for a period of 10 years) and are seeking the inclusion of rules in the District Plan to enforce this.


Becoming a citizen at a public ceremony is a very important step in the process of becoming a New Zealand citizen. It is an opportunity for you to publicly declare your allegiance to New Zealand and for the local Hastings District community to welcome you on behalf of all New Zealanders.


Disputes over trees, leaves, branches, roots, lack of sunlight and fences are common cause of bad feeling between neighbours.

This could be anything from trees that block your sun, roots that choke your drains, fences that your neighbours want built or replaced - often at considerable expense.

Your differences can usually be settled with a combination of tact and compromise, but if you are forced into a stand-off, legal action may be your only way out.


So many people in the Hastings District have devoted their time and energy to making a difference in our communities. Victim support volunteers, sport coaches, art enthusiasts; the list goes on.

Each year the Council recognises the voluntary service of individuals or groups/organisations through the Civic Honour Awards.


Hawke’s Bay is considered New Zealand’s showcase for Heritage Trail development, with 17 trails created since 1991, a higher number than any other region. Early trails covered Waimarama, Highway 50 in Central Hawke’s Bay and the Napier waterfront, which has since been incorporated into the Ahuriri Walk.