Event signs, banners and flags

Information about promoting your event on signs, street banners and flags in the Hastings District


Permanent Hastings Heart of Hawke's Bay 'gateway' signs

There are 6 gateway signs located throughout the district.

Previously these signs were available for all events to use for promotion. As of September 2015 these signs are solely for the use of events which are supported by Hastings District Council, with preference given to events of regional and district significance (as defined in the HDC events strategy). The use of these signs is at the sole discretion of the HDC Events Manager. Contact events@hdc.govt.nz for more information.

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Railway Road on edge of race track

Attach your event sign at a permanent tourism sign on Railway Road in Hastings for a period of two weeks, free of charge.

You’ll need to have your sign made by an independent sign maker to the following specifications:

  • Material: Corflute
  • Colour: Optional full colour or black and white
  • Size: 5mm thick, 1.2m x 1.2m

Be sure to follow our guidelines for designing an effective promotional sign.

Erecting signs within private property

You can erect signs promoting your event on private property provided you follow the rules set out in the Hastings District Council District Plan (Section 13.7)

The rules determine the size, location and nature of signs that can be erected and ensures the safety of motorists and pedestrians as well as help maintain and enhance the District.

If your sign does not comply with the rules below, speak to an Environmental Planner on phone 871 5000 about applying for a land use resource consent.

Temporary signs

You can temporarily advertise your community, educational, cultural or sporting event on private property for up to three months prior and seven days after an event.

All temporary signs must be on private property and not on road reserve which includes grass verges and footpaths.

All signs advertising the sale or auction of real estate must be located on the site that is being sold. They can remain on the site for up to one month after the date the property is sold.

The maximum area of temporary signs per site is limited to 2.5m2.

Election signs

Please contact Environmental Consents Manager or Team Leader Environmental Consents/Subdivision for up to date information on when election signs can be erected and the size of signs permitted under the District Plan and relevant electoral legislation.  Information is also available on the Electoral Commission website

Permanent signs

Permanent signs can be erected in Rural, Plains and Residential zones without resource consent where they meet the following standards:

  • the sign is located on the site where the activity is being carried out
  • the sign is completely within private property
  • the sign is not illuminated and
  • the sign is not on a heritage building.

The maximum total area of signs on a residential site is:

  • 2.5m2 for places of assembly, for example churches and halls, education facilities, camping grounds, visitor accommodation
  • 1.5m2 for health care services, day care centres, professional offices, homes for the aged and all other signs

The maximum total area of signs on a Rural and Plains zoned site is 2.5m2. If the sign is on a Rural or Plains zoned site that is adjacent to a state highway the following standards apply:

  • Lettering must be a minimum height of 120mm in areas of up to 70km/hr speed limit, and 160mm in areas above 70km/h speed limit
  • Signs must not be located within 15 metres of an existing official sign or traffic signal

Signs can be erected in all Commercial and Industrial zones without resource consent where they meet the following standards:

  • the sign is not on a heritage building
  • the sign does not use intermittent or flashing sources of light within 25m of a road intersection.

Signs on verandas must meet the following standards:

  • Signs located under verandas must be a minimum of 2.5m above the footpath and set back a minimum of 0.5m from the kerb line
  • The width of signs located on veranda fascia is limited to the depth of the fascia

If the sign is fixed to the face of a building it must not do the following:

  • project more than 1.0m from the face where the sign is at right angles to the building
  • project forward of a vertical line drawn 0.5m inside the face of a kerb
  • have a depth of more than 1.0m
  • have its lower edge less than 2.5m above the footpath/ground.

The maximum total area of signs on an industrial site is 5.0m2, or 0.7 m2 of signage per metre of site frontage (whichever is larger).

The maximum total area of signs on a commercial site is:

  • 2.5m2 for Central Commercial sites with Designated Retail Frontage
  • 5.0m2, or 0.7 m2 of signage per metre of site frontage (whichever is larger) for all other commercial sites

For more information about the rules, see Section 13.7 Advertising and signs district wide activity in the District Plan.

Making a complaint

We support and encourage events and businesses in the District, but from time to time we do receive complaints about signs. If you’ve seen a sign which does not comply with our rules, speak to a Planning Compliance Officer on phone 871 5000.

Failure to comply with these rules may result in enforcement action under the Resource Management Act 1991.


Hastings District Council has permanent flag poles throughout the district for you to book for your event.

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All flags in the Hastings District use the Flagtrax Two installation system. Flags which are not made to Flagtrax Two specifications cannot be installed. Contact us to discuss options for upgrades:


You’ll need to have your flag made by an independent flag making company to the following specifications:

  • Material: Polyknit
  • Colour: Optional full colour or black and white
  • Size: 1.8m x 0.9m
  • Style: Flagtrax Two

There is a cost to you per flag to install of $9.50.

Karamu Road (14 flags)
Pakowhai Road (8 flags)
Havelock Road (41 flags)
Eastbourne Street / Civic Square (1 flag)

Please phone 871 5000 to book flags for your next event or email events@hdc.govt.nz


Hastings District Council has two permanent banner locations in Hastings; Heretaunga Street West and Heretaunga Street East.


In January 2016 a severe wind damaged one of the banner sites and revealed a structural issue with the anchor bolts. As such that site is now inoperative and as a precaution we have suspended the second pending a thorough engineers report. This means that both banner sites are unavailable until at least April 2016.

We regret the inconvenience and will keep you informed.

You’ll need to have your banner made by an independent banner making company to the following specifications:

  • Material: Vinyl with rope ties at each corner
  • Colour: Optional full colour or black and white
  • Size: length 8m x height 950mm
  • Eyelets -Banners MUST have reinforced metal eyelets, starting with one in each corner approximately 1.0m apart, both top and bottom

How to design an effective sign, banner or flag

The key to designing an effective sign, banner or flag is to ensure you catch the reader’s attention in about two seconds. Especially considering a lot of signs in the District are placed alongside roads.

Key things to remember:

  • Include only minimal information with a strong call to action. Consider only the name of your event, dates and a link to a website and phone number. You’ll probably need to include your sponsors' logos too if relevant
  • Only choose two different fonts to make your wording stand out. Fonts should be clearly legible from far away:

    Letter height (mm)

    Maximum readable distance (m)

    Best impact (m)








































  • Choose one colour scheme and stick to it. Opposite colours of the colour wheel compliment best:
    • Black on yellow
    • Black on white
    • Yellow on black
    • White on blue
    • Green on white
    • Blue on yellow
    • White on green
    • White on brown
    • Brown on yellow
    • Brown on white
    • Yellow on brown
    • Red on white
    • Yellow on red
    • Red on yellow
    • White on red

Here are some examples of how a good roadside sign should be designed:

Booking advertising spaces

Book these advertising spaces by contacting the Hastings District Council on phone 871 5000 or email events@hdc.govt.nz

If you’d like to book a Hastings District Council sign, banner or flag location, firstly establish:

  • Dates you’d like to book
  • Locations you’d like to book
  • What information you intend to have on your sign, banner or flag

then contact us on 871 5000 or email events@hdc.govt.nz

Book in advance as spaces fill quickly, especially over summer and we can’t always guarantee availability.

If you’re unsure whether you may need a land use resource consent, speak to an Environmental Planner on 871 5000.