Subdivision and Development - Best Practice Design Guide

Hastings District Council is currently preparing a plan change in order to include the Best Practice Design Guide in the District Plan by way of reference.

The guide will be included in the District Plan as a method that developers or subdividers can use to design their subdivision or development.

The guide will also be used by the Council as a means of assessing aspects of new developments and subdivisions.

In this case it will be referred to in assessment criteria within the subdivision and development section of the District Plan (Section 15.1), all the zone sections of the District Plan (Part B, Sections 5.0 – 11.3) and the traffic sightlines, parking, access and loading section of the District Plan (Section 14.1).

This means that when landowners or developers apply for resource consent to subdivide or develop land or infrastructure, Council officers will assess whether the principles outlined within the guide have been taken into account in the design of the development.

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