Temporary road closures

If you are planning an event which requires all or part of a road to be closed, you’ll need to follow a formal application and approval process.

Closing the road without an approved traffic management plan and without a consent is illegal.

Note: You must apply for temporary road closures at least two months prior to the date. This is because the law requires all temporary road closure applications to be approved by elected councillors – it is not possible to ‘fast track’ a late or urgent application. 

Road closures are typically requested for activities and events such as exhibitions, shows, markets, filming or sports events.

Council will not accept any liability for damage of any kind caused to any person, vehicles, property or business that occurs within or outside the road corridor arising from the closure of the road corridor and any activities within it.

Apply for a temporary road closure

The first step in applying for a temporary road closure is to discuss your proposal with the Council’s Transportation Officer (phone 871 5000). 

You will be advised on how to obtain a traffic management plan from a qualified site traffic management supervisor (STMS).

You will then need to fill out the form(s) below.

Temporary Road Closure application

Council staff do not have legal authority to approve closures for public events.  Under the Local Government Act 1974 only the Council or a council committee can approve the closure.

Accordingly, your completed application will need to be received not less than two months prior to the date of the event. Any application received less than two months before the date will be rejected.

What do I need to provide with my application?

You will need to provide:

  • A complete and correct application form
  • A fully complying traffic management plan
  • A Health and Safety Plan 
  • A completed Resident Visiting Form showing that all residents or businesses adjoining the proposed closure area have been visited and given details of the proposal.
  • A copy of Public Liability Insurance for not less than $500,000 ($1,000,000 for races, rallies and similar events)
  • Road damage bond—this will be set by a Transportation Engineer.

Advertising and objections

The proposal will be advertised via a public notice in:

Anyone who feels they are adversely affected by the proposal will have 5 working days to lodge an objection.

The application, with any objections received, will then go to the next available council or committee meeting.  The Transportation Officer will discuss with the applicant any objections that they consider may be overcome by changes to the application or the traffic management plan.

If approved, the road closure will be again advertised to the public.

Timeframe for approval

It takes between 2 and 4 weeks on average to get a proposal to the next available council or committee meeting.

Once the decision is made the Transportation Officer will advise you of the decision by email or letter.

If the application is rejected you will be given the reasons for the decision.

If the application is approved, the Transportation Officer will provide:

  • A letter approving the application
  • Your approved traffic management plan
  • Information on any other requirements, including notification to affected property owners/businesses/residents

Fees and Charges

  • The Temporary Road Closure Application and Administration Charge (excluding advertisement cost) is $350 (incl GST).
  • The advertising fee (incl GST) for each application will be set individually by the Hawke’s Bay Today newspaper. The applicant will be billed for this amount. The advertising fee covers the cost of advertising the proposed closure and giving public notice if it is approved.
  • If it is not approved, the fee for the second notice will be refunded. 
  • If the application is rejected because it is within 2 months of the event, the full sum will be returned.

Road Damage Bond

A Road Damage Bond is charged for events that may damage the roading asset. After the event Council engineers will inspect the event site. If repairs are required, the bond will be used.  Any excess bond will be refunded.  If the repairs cost more than the bond, the event organisers will be invoiced for the additional sum outstanding.

More information

Please contact us on 871 5000 if you have further questions.