Traffic volumes

You may have seen black tubes across your road and wondered what they were. These are traffic counters which record information about traffic volumes including the number of vehicles, their speed, length and classification. They do not record cyclists or other forms of non-motorised traffic.

The tubes are typically in place for a maximum of 7 days per count site. The information collected enables council to understand approximately how many vehicles are on our roads.

Find out the traffic volumes on your street:

 Traffic volumes of streets in the Hastings District 697 KB

When using the document, search for a street by selecting ''Ctrl” + “F” at the same time, a search box will appear at the top of the page, type in the street name and hit enter.

As volume can vary along the length of a road, each road is broken down into sections, corresponding with intersecting side roads

Traffic volume details are contained in the “Traffic Est column” which is highlighted for ease of reference.

The totals are an Annual Average Daily Total –with calculations taking account for seasonal variance, network use and growth.

The volumes are an average of traffic using that section of road on a day to day basis

The information is updated annually, although not all roads have an annual assessment

More information

Councils Traffic Counting Strategy is part of our Transportation Asset Management Plan and can be viewed at the main Civic Administration Building. We're open Monday to Friday 8am to 5pm. 

Specific Traffic Counting requests can be arranged by Council – there is a cost for this service. Simply pop in and see us. 

More detailed analysis relating to existing traffic count data held by Council can be made available at the cost to the applicant. Typical data available includes:

  • Class and speed matrix
  • Speed histogram
  • Weekly vehicle counts