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Hastings Heroes


Hastings District Council has launched a campaign to celebrate community members going the extra mile to help their family, friends, neighbours and work colleagues during the COVID-19 restrictions, while making sure they stick to the physical distancing rules that are keeping us all safe.

Council has received dozens of phone calls and emails from people wanting to nominate a Hastings Hero.

Each week we will be sharing some of these Hastings Heroes nominations.

Hastings Heroes - Week four

HastingsHeroes JinbuZhangAndTracyGao

Jinbu Zhang & Tracy Gao

This Chinese couple have been amazing to their neighbour over the last few weeks. They have bought his groceries, made meals, put his washing out and so much more.  The couple also have a daughter – who calls him “kiwi poppa”

HastingsHeroes VincePilmer

Vince Pilmer

I would like to nominate our local hero Vince Pilmer who is the rural postie for RD2.
Vince took over from his dad Murray about 3 years ago and works tirelessly 6 days a week since, with COVID-19, his hours have significantly increased as he does all the deliveries to everyone at this tough time.
He always wears a smile and whenever he delivers something to our farm, he always stops for a chat, despite of how busy he is.
He has gone out of his way numerous times to find a parcel that has gone missing and has been a godsend to our farm deliveries.
He truly is an asset to RD 2, and I truly appreciate all his effort.

HastingsHeroes PoppyRenton

Poppy Renton

This young woman started HAWKE'S BAY DROUGHT Facebook page.
It has reached close to 2000 followers in 4 days, and is sharing positive comments and actions amongst rural folk who are struggling with this drought.
It’s a place where farmers can share stories, support and actions, like sourcing feed.
She made this page so we can all share our drought photos and stories so farmers don’t feel alone. We might be locked down but need to come together and support each other! This page is to uplift farmers in a depressing time, negative comments aren’t welcome.

HastingsHeroes NigelAndCarrieSheriff

Nigel and Carrie Sheriff             

Rural Delivery posties for RD9

These drivers have become more than ‘postmen’. They care for, support, assist their community.  Lately have been adding special deliveries for rural people, and have been known to do 2 runs a day.

HastingsHeroes TeviviDaniels

Tevivi Daniels

Tevivi Daniels who is continuing to take his regular Thursday night choir sessions.
The choir is the HB Community choir and usually meets in the Clive Hall.
I joined a friend in our Bubble who is a member of the choir. All members connect through their Facebook page and Tevivi has previously sent out an email reminding people and sending any new words and songs that will be covered.
During the sessions, Tevivi has his camera set up on him, and also on the projector's screen showing the words to sing. He has keyboard, ukulele, guitar etc set up for him to use during the sessions, and he can sing all the different parts to teach those listening, and is recording loops of the parts so all parts can be heard.
I am a music teacher, and I am very impressed by his ability and manner. He takes the session as if everyone is there with him, even though he gets no audio or visual response from his audience.
From the comments posted on Facebook during the session, those connected obviously appreciate his efforts. He is occasionally joined by a little relative from his household, who joins in on the chorus, or coming in for a wave to everyone.
During this difficult time, music has come to the fore as being an activity everyone can enjoy and participate in. There are not many activities that we can experience that serve to meet the needs of us all in every situation, be it grief, boredom, fun, happiness and all the things in between.

HastingsHeroes EmmaRobbie

Emma McRobbie

She has been getting groceries for her grandparents over three households so they don’t need to leave home.  Her Grandfather is located in Tollemache Road, One grandmother in Terrace Road and her 92 year old grandmother at Summerset in Ada Street.  She also checks in with us to see if we need anything also.
Emma is staying in her bubble except for the supermarket shop and I am so very proud of her


HastingsHeroes MikeJu

Mike Ju

I would like to nominate Mike Ju from Ray White Real Estate.  He offered via his fb page, anyone in need of help with food to contact him. He has families contacting him. Out of his own pocket he is buying these families groceries. Then delivering them to their home. Some of his co-workers are supporting him with giving him groceries, to share out.

HastingsHeroes LeahForsyth

Leah Forsyth

I have to nominate an old colleague of mine, Leah Forsyth. She is such a hero! She is a teacher aide at Hastings Central School and I used to teach two of her boys when they were younger. She has been using this lockdown time to brighten her street with Easter crafts in her windows and giving away some of her plants at her road side. On Facebook she is keeping everyone's spirits up by setting up social online 'participation games' and sharing information about Hastings' health services and updates. She has had her birthday during lockdown but is always positive and has even used her term holidays to take part in some online courses to help her with sensory activities for her young students when school is back in session.

HastingsHeroes LynseyAbbott

Lynsey Abbott

She runs One Voice Community Group in Flaxmere. Her and her husband have a partaka ( large cupboard ) in their fence which they stock with sood and so the community can take what they need or give what they can.
During lock down she and supplied all 79 units at Swansea village with food parcels
She has also provided them to the wider Flaxmere Community.
I am doing welfare checks to the residence of Swansea, a few days ago I spoke to a man
Who was feeling unwell due to concussion. He had been to his Doctor who told him to be patient, but was feeling dizzy and nauseous . We rang the health helpline, they phoned the man but were of little help to him. We contacted Age Concern to check up on him and I contacted Lyndsey. She went to his unit and said kept social distancing but was able to talk to him, fix his computer which had a virus, and set him up for internet banking as he was stressing out not being able to pay his bills. She spoke to him about his concussion and offered to take him to a proper assessment at Totara health which he declined. He now has her phone number and they keep in touch especially if he is worried about anything.
She does so much more but this has been her this week

 HastingsHeroes SummersetStaff Staff at Summerset in the Orchard

Along with other Residents in Summerset in the Orchard, Ada St I have to put in their excellent friendly and prompt help they have been giving to us all in the village over the virus lockdown. They have done wholesale deliveries of meals, groceries, medicines and general day to day services with a smile! No wonder this is the top Summerset Village. Alan, the Manager have gone all out to make sure we are safe.

 HastingsHeroes LouisePayne

Louise Payne

I would like to nominate Louise Payne for a Hastings heroes award and these are the reasons why. Louise is our local post lady and while everybody has managed to have a bit of R & R over this crazy time of covid 19, Louise has got busier and busier delivering mail and goods to the people of Waimarama, Maraetotara and the Tuki Tuki valley.
I know that there are days where Louise starts at six in the morning and hasn’t been finishing till eight at night. She goes above and beyond when it comes to delivering they post, always making sure that if people aren’t home she safely deposits the goods somewhere and lets the people know. This doesn’t sound like a big deal but when Louise is delivering thousands of packages a day that’s a whole lot of extra effort and a whole lot of time she spends on her phone.
In relation to the store Louise is always happy to lend a hand unloading some of our heavy goods And she always does it with a smile and is always willing to stop and have a chat.
I know that there are a lot of elderly people living rurally who really look forward to Louise turning up every day and Louise through all this always stops and has a chat, from a safe distance of course, which would be the highlight of a lot of these people’s days.
Louise is quite simply an amazing lady who works hard and is honest and personable. I know she has worked extra hard over this time and I really think she would appreciate some recognition.

HastingsHeroes MichaelSharp

Michael Sharp

Michael puts on a gig each Friday at 5pm on Facebook live, “Michael Sharp Music”.

His 5 at 5pm ends up going longer each week, and take requests sometimes as well. He is bringing friends and whānau together but just in Hastings, but all over the world. It’s a great way to end the week and have some free entertainment with mates.

Feel free to check out his previous posts on his page, he’s a talented performer who also works for Sharp Notes, Sharp Performing Arts and Theatre a Hawke’s  Bay as well as shows and gigs in Napier. He is also running online classes for kids to give them something to do on Wednesday and Thursday afternoons.  

He’s a keeper!

HastingsHeroes DeonJordaanHastingsHeroes ZeldaMacKenzie

Deon Jordaan and Zelda MacKenzie

I would like to nominate 2 people from our Havelock North Community Patrol.  Deon Jordaan and Zelda MacKenzie have both stepped up to do deliveries for Age Concern for needy people during lockdown. Our patrol is not currently operational not only due to lockdown but also because most members are aged 70+ so these 2 people are performing a vital community volunteer service.

HastingsHeroes ShelleyPritchard

Shelley Pritchard

I’d like to nominate my neighbour Shelley Pritchard. She put on a 3 hour concert in our street all the while reminding everyone to stay in their bubble & practice safe distancing.  We all had a great time singing and dancing. What a great way to bring smiles to everyone’s faces.

HastingsHeroes CleeshayHenry

Cleeshay Henry

A huge "thank you and love" to our grand-daughter, Cleeshay Henry a married mother of 6 children from a 10 year old to a 2 year old who has unselfishly fetched and carried for my wife and I (both in our late 70's) throughout this lockdown.

She rings every day to check on our well-being and we are so thankful that she shows that concern. Her husband who is so supportive of her actions, is working from home at the moment and helps with children duties as much as he can. Her brood includes triplet girls (6 yo) and 3 boys (10, 8 and 2)

She is one fantastic grand-daughter who makes sure we don't have to leave our home. What a huge example to others.

HastingsHeroes SueBeaver

Sue Beaver

Mum is a very talented seamstress who has unfortunately had to close the doors to her shop, Designer Fit, during this lock down. I, myself, am an essential worker at Heinz Watties. There was a huge shortage of masks for staff due to the panic buying, these unfortunately were not able to be resourced at the time. I expressed my concern to mum, she jumped straight into action and whipped up over 100 reusable masks for me to take to work. Each and every worker was so very grateful.

Word got out and I began to get further people asking for masks for their family when they had to do supermarket runs. I also had a friend working in a rest home under the same circumstances, so I dropped a handful off in her letter box. Mum has also been leaving these outside her shop for the public to take. Overall I would say she has made close to 300 masks. She did not want anything for making them, just the fact that she was making people feel safe at a time like this was enough for her.

In the time of crisis where no masks were to be found, Sue stepped up and made a whole lot for not only our family and other families but for her daughters workplace as well so we could all feel somewhat save either at work or being out in the public.

She hands down deserves this!!!

She deserves recognition for such a generous deed, for not all heroes wear capes!

 HastingsHeroes KarenSammons 2

Karen Sammons

I would like to nominate Karen Sammons from Hastings Salvation Army  Every week Karen has been reaching out to families of the children and young adults that are connected in what every way to make sure they are doing okay as a family. She checks if they need food or even activity pages for the kids, making sure the families have all the support they need - even if it's just a simple phone call for a chat or the activity packets for the kids, the activity packs and food deliveries are all non-contact deliveries.

It helps out so many families to stay afloat   Without this help my family would of struggled through this trying time

HastingsHeroes ChrisHart

Chris Hart

Chris Hart, Owner of New World Flaxmere - he is a COVID-19 hero.  He has made sure that there is enough food available to the public, he has implemented safe shopping procedures and also very high cleaning practices to ensure staff and customers are safe and not at more risk during Covid lockdown.  He has been absolutely amazing and deserve to be recognized.

HastingsHeroes TamanuhiriRussell

Tamanuhiri Russell

He is a well-known local artist amongst his peers.  (There probably are a team of them but he is the one that delivers to my doorstep).  Since lockdown he has delivered several parcels to our whare (10 of us) from our Omahu marae to kaumatua, even hot-cross buns.

One time he came quite late in the day on his big van, I felt the aroha as he arrived with a big smile on his face, knocked on the door, stepped right back and I thought, Wow! This iramutu has probably been working all day and here he is still delivering with a humungous smile.  I wanted so much to run out there and hug him.
He is one of the unsung heroes of this, 'lockdown.'

Please consider him as he would probably represent all his co-workers too.

HastingsHeroes KrissyAndLuke

Krissy Eckhold and Luke Shadbolt

Krissy and Luke have received the most nominations as Hastings Heroes.
They have been going above and beyond for the people of Waimārama – a small coastal township. The pair own the Waimarama store and have been doing their best every day to help their community.

The couple have been checking our houses, communicating with everyone, organising lawn mowing and rubbish collections as well as collecting groceries from town and delivering for the locals.

They have been collecting vegetable boxes from Epicurean, meat packs, along with Takitimu Seafoods and Bostocks chicken. They also collect daily essentials that have been requested from the community and either deliver them for free or hold them at the store for pick up.
Krissy and Luke spend most of the day wiping down everything and are always wearing gloves. Luke is regularly going to town to restock the shelves to keep everyone happy.

They have organised a social distancing community/beach clean up to help the environment so people can get some fresh air and practise social distancing with a purpose. Krissy and Luke are just your typical all round good sorts, who always leave a smile on your face and are always willing to help.

HastingsHeroes WarrenAcramen

Warren Acramen

Warren Acramen is a pastor at Hastings Church.   
He has been nominated as a Hastings Hero because of his pivotal role in helping to get homeless people off the streets of Hastings and into safe accommodation during the level 4 restrictions.

In the space of just four days, Warren has helped to house 10 homeless people in Hastings.  He has a plan to help another 10 people off the streets and into safe accommodation.  Warren is also providing them with ongoing pastoral care during this challenging time and is visiting them every day to check on them.

Warren already has a close relationship with this community through his work at the church, which has been providing meals for the homeless prior to the COVID-19 crisis.

HastingsHeroes AmohiaRollsHastingsHeroes AlaynaHokianga

Amohia Rolls & Alayna Hokianga

I would like to nominate Amohia Rolls -Camberley School Principal and Alayna Hokianga - Camberley School's Cultural leader and the Camberley school staff for the Hastings Heroes award.

Amohia and Alayna   both saw the need for our Community to be supported, even before Level 4 for lock down was announced, working on how they would help not just the Tamariki of the community but the whole community from Peepi to Kaumatua.

It is also about the trust the community has in the leadership of the school and the staff. There are some very proud and shy people in Camberley who would not reach out for help, especially from people they did not know. It shows the amount of trust the community has to accept any form of support from Camberley School staff.

Amohia Rolls is doing some amazing mahi supporting her wider school community, selflessly and humbly - she's incredible.

HastingsHeroes HarawiraMorris

Harawira Morris

I would like to nominate a local Waimarama resident who is really keeping the community spirit alive during this time. He has found a way to get the community excited and passionate about the amazing place we live and has managed to bring the community together (at a distance of course) in his own truly unique way. His name is Harawira Morris but he goes by DJ Morris. He has been creating beautiful art pieces around the community throughout our time in lockdown. He’s also managed to capture these through photography for those who are unable to get out on walks in the community to enjoy. The buzz in the community has been amazing, everyone is excited for his next piece and many asking online constantly when these would come.  He really has brought life to this community.

HastingsHeroes JessicaBrodie

Jessica Brodie

Jessica Brodie is my hero. She goes to work everyday as a radiographer with TRG imaging at Royston. We are 3 separate bubble families on one farm. She orders and brings anything we require from town be it groceries, farm needs or anything else that we need to keep going and delivers to our doors. She is a very valued partner of my son and I am a vulnerable person living alone. She checks up on me each day in some no contact way to make sure I am ok. She lets me be safe and I am so very grateful.

HastingsHeroes NourishedForNil

Nourished for Nil

Nourished for Nil has been able to rescue food which is then re-distribute to anybody & also to community groups. The pictures posted over the past few weeks showing what happens at Nourished for Nil are worth more than a 1000 words each.  The dedication by the Nourished for Nil management team, greatly supported by an amazing group of volunteers, while NZ is in Covid-19 Alert 4 lockdown is incredible.  It has meant tonnes of rescued food that would otherwise been buried at landfills to be processed, packaged and distributed to people visiting Nourished for Nil at distribution times and also other community groups in the Hawkes Bay and beyond to receive this rescued food. Team you are my “HEROES ” you  have all gone beyond the call of duty especially in times like this. I’m just gutted that due to my age & health issues I cannot be there to help out also, but am very humbled to be part of the amazing Nourished for Nil family and miss you all heaps.  Between Wednesday (8th) and Thursday (9th) Nourished for Nil over the 24hrs made up over 600 food parcels of rescued food for distribution, which to me is incredible to know that families, couples or single people have been given good quality food,  which otherwise would have been  dumped in the Hastings District Council landfills in Hawkes Bay.

I would love to nominate Nikki, Christina and all the amazing staff, volunteers and volunteer drivers at Nourished for Nil in Hastings as deserving recipients of a Hastings Heroes award. They have continued working throughout the lockdown, receiving and picking up foodstuffs, packing drop off parcels and delivering to those in need in our community. They have not questioned when names have been put forward for a drop off parcel (as in my case where I have nominated clients) and the response from recipients has been amazing. They have also continued providing hundreds (probably thousands) of ready to go food parcels for people who have called in during their opening hours. They deserve a huge thank you

HastingsHeroes MichelleLee 2

Michelle Lee

Michelle Lee is truly a kind and caring person.  She has been in self isolation from her job at EIT for a week longer than the rest of us due to being a cancer survivor but still has low immunity.

We live in the county and Michelle has made sure that my daughter (now two other families as well) doesn’t miss out on the teddy bear hunt, she puts Mr Bluey (her daughters old teddy) out most days with an activity to do.  Mr Bluey does them all himself first so the kids can see how.  

One time he was making bird feeder & another was fence art.  That was really neat as it was Mr Bluey with his Kia Kaha made out of old clothes for people to see.

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