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2022 Election Nominations & Candidates

You can access up to date nominations received by Hastings District Council for the upcoming 2022 local government elections, and find out more about who is standing for council once voting closes.

Below you'll find our candidate's names, contact details and profiles. You'll also find this information in the Candidate Booklet. 

Where elections are required they will be conducted by postal voting using the First Past the Post electoral system. Voting will open on Friday 16 September 2022 and will close at 12 noon on Saturday, 8 October 2022. Remember we must have your voting papers back by Saturday 8 October.

Hastings District Council Elections

Sandra HazlehurstSandra HAZLEHURST

As the number of nominations received did not exceed the number of vacancies, Sandra HAZLEHURST is elected unopposed.

I am honoured to be your Mayor.

Hastings is thriving! Together, we have developed $82m of drinking water assets, beautifully restored our municipal buildings and revitalised our city centre. With our partners, we are delivering hundreds of new homes for our people. 

Our primary sector remains the foundation of our region's economy. My focus is managing future growth while protecting our fertile soils. Prosperity depends on delivering quality infrastructure and efficient core services, while navigating through significant central government changes to Three Waters, local government and the RMA.

We must be visionary, forward-thinking and bold, reduce the impacts of climate change, protect our natural environment, grow a skilled workforce, assist with job creation and build a liveable, sustainable city and district.

Together, we have a lot to look forward to! I am excited to lead our council and community for a further three years and acknowledge your continued support.

My principal place of residence is in the Hastings District Council area. 027 418 6602

Tania KerrTania KERR

As the number of nominations received did not exceed the number of vacancies, Tania KERR is elected unopposed.

Tania, currently Deputy Mayor, works hard for her rural community and will continue to focus on improving road safety, particularly school bus routes as well as keeping rates at a reasonable level, ensuring they are spent wisely on the needs of the rural ratepayer.

She has met the challenges of the last three years, has worked hard to find solutions and make decisions that have a positive impact on this community. Tania will continue to strongly represent rural ratepayers, making sure your voice is heard.

Tania sits on Regional Transport Committee, Chairs the Regional Sports Park Trust, is Deputy Chair of Regional Coastal Hazards Committee.

As a long-term rural ratepayer who understands both rural and semi-rural issues, she has the experience and enthusiasm to continue to effectively represent the Mohaka Ward.

Her previous and current work within the community has given her an understanding of issues that face this community.

My principal place of residence is in the Mōhaka General Ward area. 027 241 4758

Alwyn CorbanAlwyn CORBAN

As the number of nominations received did not exceed the number of vacancies, Alwyn CORBAN is elected unopposed.

Alwyn is standing for a second term. He has a comprehensive understanding of the Heretaunga Ward and will bring experience, governance and management skills to the Council Chamber. He has a mixed portfolio of interests including governance, business consultancy, mentoring and community work. Alwyn lives on the Heretaunga Plains where he owned and managed Ngatarawa vineyard and winery at Bridge Pa. He is currently a Trustee of the Hawke's Bay Regional Sports Park, Graeme Dingle Foundation Hawke's Bay, Napier Pilot City Trust and Waipureku Waitangi Trust.

Alwyn has a particular interest in the imminent Regional Spatial Plan which will set the direction for growth in Hawke's Bay over the next 30 to 50 years. He regards the Heretaunga Plains, the Coast and our outstanding natural landscapes as Hawke's Bay treasures and is committed to their use and enjoyment while safeguarding their long term economic, productive, environmental, social and cultural value.

My principal place of residence is in the Heretaunga General Ward area. 021 462 276



As the number of nominations received did not exceed the number of vacancies, Ann REDSTONE is elected unopposed.

Ann is standing for a third term. Prior to Council she gained extensive experience and valuable knowledge from working in a variety of roles in the horticultural, health and construction sectors. 

A conservationist at heart and passionate about the environment, Ann co-founded the lobby group The Clean Sea Coalition in 1983 to raise public awareness about the raw sewage discharge into Hawke Bay. She was the founder and convener of WOW in 2009, a lobby group with the mandate of protecting the coast and finding solutions to coastal erosion.

She continues to work for change in policies around climate change mitigation and prevention.

Ann sits on many council and external committees including Regional Coastal Hazards. She Chairs HDC's Eco Districts, Parks & Reserves, Waste futures and Omarunui Landfill Committees. She is dedicated to caring for and improving the Hastings district and is a strong advocate for the ratepayers' needs.

My principal place of residence is in the Heretaunga General Ward area. 027 386 7907

Sayeed AHMEDSayeed AHMED

Assalamualaikum. (Peace be upon you)

I am from Bangladesh. I spent 33 years in Hastings and Havelock North, and I know what things are needed the most for the welfare and well-being of the community.

I aim to build cohesive communities, where everyone trusts and looks out for each other.

To me, people are the priority. People know me as hardworking, passionate and empathetic. I am a listener, more than a speaker.

I spent my career both as an employee and owning a business, which makes me understand both sides of the coin. I also volunteered and have been a Board Member on numerous charities both regionally and nationally.

My main outcome from the elections is not to win but to be able to hear your voice, hear your say, hear what you want for growth and development in your ward. To me, it is all about you.

My principal place of residence is in the Hastings-Havelock North General Ward area.  

021 123 1171

Alex CAMERONAlex Cameron

People and place - He tängata, he wähi

My wife and I are raising our family here, just a few streets from where I grew up.

I love this place and see huge opportunities on the horizon for Hastings as a hub of innovation and culture.

We have cause for optimism but there are also looming challenges and deepening issues that Council must act on to move the needle for our community. Our population is aging, labour shortages persist, housing is less affordable and Three Waters centralisation threatens local ownership and accountability. I'll champion these issues at the Council table.

Years of international aid work have sharpened my financial, economic development and governance skills. I'll draw on these strengths to serve local people and businesses, by ensuring our rates, resources and the natural environment entrusted to Council are well-stewarded and employed to help make Hastings an even better place to live now and for generations to come.

My principal place of residence is in the Hastings-Havelock North General Ward area. 021 388 463

Malcolm DixonMalcolm DIXON

My wife Jean and I have lived in Reeve Drive Havelock North for 37 years. After twenty-two years as the principal of Frimley Primary School I retired. As a third term councillor I would appreciate your support to enable me to continue working hard for our community. Your vote won't be wasted and I have the time, passion, experience and energy.

An urban voice of reason for the community.

Community Involvement
Education: 44 years in the Primary School system
Environment: Te Mata Park Trust Board, Coastal Hazards
Committee. Palmbrook and Karituwhenua Landcare.
Arts and Culture: Arts Inc Heretaunga Board, Orokohanga Music Trust. Free tuition in four low decile Hastings Schools, HB Museums Working Party Chair, Asians in the Bay Judge.
Health: Te Matau a Maui Health Trust Board, Scott Foundation funding disabled children.
Sport: Super Sixes Trust, Retired Provincial Rugby Referee, HB Sports Council, Hastings Ross Shield.

My principal place of residence is in the Hastings-Havelock North General Ward area. 027 203 1011

Michael FOWLERMichael FOWLER

Many will know of my work recording the history of the Hastings District, including 15 books since 2004. Even if elected I will continue this.

I am very passionate about the area where I was born and have lived most of my life.

Over many years I have enjoyed my community representations, including being a co-founder and manager of community station Radio Kidnappers in 1994, and being an immediate past chair of the Art Deco Trust.

I am a Fellow Chartered Accountant and have a Masters degree in accountancy, and have worked in local government as an employee and accounting consultant. I have also owned successful small businesses.

Challenging times are ahead for local government, including likely Three Waters Reform, housing our people, and other nontraditional functions.

I believe I have the skills and experience, and you can trust me to represent you in these challenging times.

My principal place of residence is in the Hastings-Havelock North General Ward area.  027 452 1056


As a sitting councillor, I bring experience, strong business skills and community leadership to council decision making.

Hastings born, we've raised our five children here and I've also been lucky enough to call both Flaxmere and Havelock North home. I have a business based in Hastings CBD.

I have a can do attitude and vast connections across Hawke's Bay from my business relationships and voluntary governance roles in suicide prevention, youth development and sport advocacy.

As a board member and chair of Sport HB for over 15 years, I'm passionate about our people enjoying quality recreational facilities for healthier lifestyles.

My council responsibilities include, chair of Active Transport, deputy chair Strategy & Policy Committee, deputy chair Great Communities Subcommittee, board advisory Havelock Business Association and Hastings Business Association.

Hastings is on a high, the best performing economy in NZ and multi-award winning; let's build further on our success together.

My principal place of residence is not in the Hastings-Havelock North General Ward area. 021 288 6772

Rizwaana LATIFFRizwaana (Riz) LATIFF

It would be an honour to serve on the Hastings District Council.

I have called Hastings my home for over 20 years, raising my children and where I currently live.

I have been involved in our community, serving families, as a nurse and midwife, and have a passion for building capability and resilience in our community. I played an instrumental role to develop the Hastings Multicultural Strategy and have used my front-line health experience for community initiatives focusing on health and wellbeing.

My experience volunteering for local community organisations has given me the foundational leadership and governance skills required to be an effective District Councillor. 

Working for Central government agencies over the last three years has given me knowledge of the machinery of government.

If elected to the Hastings District Council I will be a tireless advocate for the people of Hastings.

My principal place of residence is in the Hastings-Havelock North General Ward area. 027 378 1135


Gilly Lawrence remembers endless summers living in Waimarama growing up in a creative family environment of musicians and film makers.

Starting a career that has spanned 30yrs in the NZ film industry, he is now a Cinematographer. Moving home to Waimarama in 2005 but continuing to travel away for film work Gilly now has his own film making business.

He has been an advocate in establishing a regional Film Office, Eastern Screen Alliance, he is now the Board Chair. With a fresh and open approach to current issues facing our communities he believes everyone should have access to affordable living including more housing across the district to help improve home ownership and quality rental opportunities for all backed by strong civic infrastructure and growing opportunities for our

I'm Gilly Lawrence and I am excited to stand for HDC Hastings/Havelock North Ward

My principal place of residence is not in the Hastings-Havelock North General Ward area. 021 053 1944

Eileen LawsonEileen LAWSON

I have been honoured to serve as your Councillor and it would be a privilege to continue this work for another 3 years.

I am dedicated to economic, social, cultural, and environmental outcomes where all our families, youth, seniors and citizens can thrive.

As well as core business, I see the role of Council as an enabler, working with communities, businesses, agencies and others, to improve wellbeing for all. This is achieved through forward thinking strategies. As Chair of Great Communities, I have focussed on uplifting communities through Community Plans, jobs for our people through Mahi for Youth, activating our city centre, and improving facilities and services.

I have a proven record in governance from owning and managing two successful businesses for 23+ years, and chairing not for profit organisations. I am an experienced Councillor and would love to continue this work representing you as a proactive and passionate Councillor.

My principal place of residence is not in the Hastings-Havelock North General Ward area. 027 300 7631




Despite the disruption of Covid 19 your council has achieved much in the past 3 years. Record housing construction and new businesses have provided jobs and transformed Hastings. The Opera House and Municipal buildings have been strengthened, the Fitness Centre with Olympic pool are nearly complete, the Show Grounds are ours, and our drinking water supply upgraded. We have also constructed many new pathways for walkers and cyclists.

Housing remains a major challenge and too many people are in emergency accommodation. Council must provide land and infrastructure and retain senior housing. 

We must also have realistic Climate Change policies and plans for both adaptation and reducing emissions from transport, construction and energy.

We must spend with care and partner with Government to keep rates affordable.

I am proud to have been part of this high achieving team and I am asking voters to support me again.

My principal place of residence is in the Hastings-Havelock North General Ward area. 027 442 4121



Kia ora! I was born and grew up in Hastings. I have been in the military, lived and worked in Auckland, London, and Uganda, before obtaining two certificates in education, social sciences, and pastoral care. I have a Diploma in Arts in Politics and International Relations, and a near completed Bachelor of Social Work along with being Vice President of EIT's Student Association board.

I care very much about Hastings. I have been called a real firecracker because I am extremely passionate about families, housing, and the area we live in.

Many people are questioning the current narrative regarding 3 Waters, climate change and other important council factors, i.e. the UN's influence. I am engaging, a good listener and solution focused. Critical thinkers need representation. The community needs a voice who will speak up for what the community wants, and I believe I can be that voice.

Ngā mihi nui.

My principal place of residence is not in the Hastings-Havelock North General Ward area. 021 730 980




I would like to do my part in developing and caring for our community and its infrastructure while ensuring our council works for every individual in our community regardless of position, time of life or financial status.

I am not different from the next person in this beautiful community. You.

I have worked in retail for over 30 years, within the Hastings and CHB Districts. I've performed roles from labourer to manager, gaining substantial experience over these years.

I have been a volunteer in my community, a committee chair and member, parent, grandparent, patient, neighbour, active group member, carer and much more.

I bring to the council a passionate voice of the average, normal and ordinary person of Hawke's Bay. You.

I not only wish to stand up for you, but I also wish to fight for you, upholding accountability, responsibility and honourability in all decision making affecting us all.

My principal place of residence is in the Hastings-Havelock North General Ward area. 027 546 4968


I am a father of two and am on the board of trustees for our children's school. I Love Hastings as it has been my family's home for generations. I wish to bring a community-focused voice to the Council advocating for our most vulnerable by bringing a balance to Council and working alongside other councillors to deliver financially responsible and community-positive outcomes.

I am driven and will work towards improving our parks and streets and will ensure that we keep public facilities in public hands. I strongly believe in accountability in all areas of public service and will work hard to develop a sustainable community that creates a healthy environment. Finally, I will bring to the Council an open, independent, and practical approach to decision-making, built on listening to people in the community.

My principal place of residence is in the Hastings-Havelock North General Ward area. 027 271 9102


Wendy SchollumWendy SCHOLLUM

Delivering housing and employment

For the last 4 years I have worked hard as your councillor to address the issues that matter most.

Many of my generation want to move home to Hastings so their children can be close to their grandparents and grow up in the best place to live in New Zealand. Housing costs and employment opportunities are barriers to this, and as chair of the District Development Subcommittee I've worked diligently with council colleagues to increase the number of sections available to house builders and drive employment opportunities through economic development.

With costs rising, putting pressure on family budgets, I've used my business background to minimise council spending, keeping rates increases reasonable. 

Connecting with the wider Hastings community, I'm a Hastings City Business Association board advisor, Positive Ageing Trust chair, Hastings Arts and Culture trustee, Youth Council mentor, certified RMA Commissioner and have run two successful businesses for 18+ years. 021 519 150



A senior fulltime Councillor. Hastings life time of local knowledge, experience, practicality, and Council commitment. My meeting attendance 98%. I Chair District Plan Subcommittee and International Advisory Group. A proven team player, bringing challenge, scrutiny, and responsibility to my Council decision making. My practical skills have aided Council, advancing cohesion, forward thinking, planning and delivery of core infrastructure, community services, public amenity for all to enjoy. Procuring significant Government funding has allowed Council to generate unprecedented momentum across all sectors.

New triennium brings significant challenges. Ongoing Covid, Government legislation, changing environment, the economy, people hurting, plus minimum five new Councillors, three from Māori ward. Stability and momentum will be crucial. My experience and skill set will bring strength to the new Council. Re-elected I would continue my outside Council activities, Santa in your streets at Christmas, Blossom Parade floats, Lantern
festival. I would greatly value your vote. Thank you.

My principal place of residence is in the Hastings-Havelock North General Ward area. 027 304 6213


Victoria FUATAIVictoria FUATA'I

Talofa Lava,

My name is Victoria I am Samoan and I'm standing for the Flaxmere General Ward.

I was born and raised in the small town of Porirua, just outside of Wellington. I am married to Iona Fuata'i, and we have three beautiful children. In 2015, we relocated to Hawke's Bay.

After 22 years of volunteering in community groups, non-profit organisations, churches, and sports clubs, I believe it is time to work towards a higher purpose.

I am advocating for accessible health care, affordable housing, and the establishment of an initiative to empower and improve the well-being of Flaxmere's young people for a better future.

Flaxmere has a rich cultural diversity that I want to use to drive changes that bring whanau/aiga together to create a community that is safe, sustainable, strong, healthy, and vibrant.

I want to see Paharakeke's potential released!

My principal place of residence is not in the Flaxmere General Ward area. 027 582 2830

Henry HEKE

Henry HEKE

Changes in representation in Flaxmere now means only 1 Councillor will be representing Flaxmere. It's vitally important that your councillor lives in Flaxmere and has the skills to drive our future aspirations.

Flaxmere is the fastest growing community in HB with lots of potential to thrive, prosper and future proof for the next
generation. HDC is instrumental to ensuring this happens.

As the GM Māori Health at Health HB, I continue to advocate for equitable healthy outcomes for all families. I led the
establishment of Tihei Mauri Ora Emergency response, established a health and fitness facility, and developed coaching
and sporting programmes in Flaxmere.

Throughout my career I have represented my region, and country in governance and business as well as sport. I'm a
married family man that has lived in Flaxmere for over 20 years. I am now ready and passionate to lead Flaxmere to its brightest future.

 My principal place of residence is in the Flaxmere General Ward area. 021 741 496




I'm standing for a prosperous and successful Flaxmere, leadership development for our youth (Rangatahi) care and well being for our elderly, healthy, strong families for Flaxmere.

I am Māori, born in Hastings, married to wife Jewel 18 years with 4 beautiful children.

I have business development, event management, sales management, social work and construction background and experience.

I own a small construction company co-managed with my wife, and we employ 7 staff. I also run a non-for-profit community gym Adelphos aimed towards Youth mentoring and development through combat sport.

Over 18 years voluntarily serving the community, I've helped transform men, women, children, whanau. Seeing positive change in their lives and in the home. If the home is strong and healthy, the community will be strong and healthy.

I look forward to continually serving Flaxmere, by ensuring its voice, heart, soul and spirit is at the decision table.

I love Flaxmere #879

My principal place of residence is not in the Flaxmere General Ward area. 021 216 5682



Marcelle RAHEKEMarcelle RAHEKE

My name is Marcelle Raheke. In 1988, my late husband and I purchased our first home in Flaxmere. I have 3 daughters, two sons-in-law and two grandsons.

I have been involved within the Flaxmere community for the last 34 years, from preparing school lunches at Kimi Ora, Sports and Kohanga Reo committees; addiction, mental health, suicide support; and pastoral care. My most recent service has been the Flaxmere Avenue Pataka Cupboard, Flaxmere Nourish for Nil who distributes kai to the community, also Twice but Nice.

I stand in conviction of Jesus Christ and the church, and I will put the same energy and passion into the community of Flaxmere. It is about empowering our people and creating a partnership for the future of Flaxmere.

All voices matter within our community. Let's walk together, shoulder to shoulder, side by side creating a vision we can all be
proud of.

My principal place of residence is in the Flaxmere General Ward area. 022 543 5640

Marcus BuddoMarcus BUDDO

Marcus Buddo is a Hawke's Bay local whose family has farmed in Poukawa for five generations. He is standing for Council because he wants his friends who have left Hawke's Bay for university, training and work to be able to return to affordable houses and well-paid jobs. Our Hawke's Bay grandparents should have their grandkids close by, rather than only seeing them on video calls.

To improve our district's prosperity, Marcus will support Council plans to increasing housing affordability and focus on growing our economy. He will concentrate on improving core Council business to keep rates rises down, and reduce time-consuming, expensive bureaucracy that adds costs to doing business with Council.

Marcus has degrees in political science and economics and has served on the Rural Community Board. He has managed the family agriculture and forestry interests since 2017, and is passionate about conservation, including biodiversity and environmental restoration.

My principal place of residence is in the Kahurānaki General Ward area. 021 352 424




A Strong Voice for Kahurānaki

I offer experience as a two term Hastings District Councillor and want to return to ensure that we continue to build on the district's economic success.

My family has lived on the outskirts of Hastings for many years. As a local business owner and Project Manager of Hawke's Bay Homes the rural community has been our main client for the supply of rural homes and workers accommodation.

I am a member of the Hastings Karamu Rotary Club, Rural fire fighter with FENZ and serve on the Council Building Industry Forum.

I have an in-depth insight into how council operates and as a former chair of economic development, I understand the importance that council has a can do attitude that's not caught up in red tape.

I have served 28 years in the Territorial Army, rising to the rank of Lieutenant Colonel, serving in Israel, South Lebanon, Bougainville and Bosnia.

My principal place of residence is not in the Kahurānaki General Ward area. 027 449 1526

Dallas ADAMSDallas Rahui Te Ahuru ADAMS

Dallas Adams represents the idea that people can be more than the sum of their experiences.

Overcoming sexual abuse and substance addiction, Dallas has turned his life around,becoming a Health Coach and a sexual abuse and alcoholism advocate. Through his work and lived experience he deeply
understands the struggles of whanau and knows what to focus on so that tomorrow will be better than today for our people.

Growing up in Camberley, and with ties right through Hastings District, Dallas is aspirational about our future. He will focus on ensuring that affordable, warm, safe housing and papakainga
are made available for whanau. Dallas will also emphasise growing our local economy and making sure that Mäori have a part in it. We need stable, well-paying jobs to make the future
our own.

Dallas Adams is qualified by life and work to be the strong Mäori voice that Hastings District needs.

My principal place of residence is in the Takitimu Māori Ward area. 022 030 5141



The opportunity to stand for election in the Takitimu ward is humbling but long overdue. It enables us as Māori the chance to have true representation through active partnership at decision making tables that can help create healthy, vibrant communities in a strong local economy.

Hastings District Council must respond strongly to the challenges we face - foremost meeting the needs of a fast growing population without compromising our tikanga and who we are as Māori. As Chief Executive of Wharariki Trust I have advocated for safe and healthy housing, and I believe HDC must do more to address our housing crisis.

I am currently on the board of Health Hawke's Bay PHO. I want to use my experience to ensure a better future is created for our whānau, community and tamariki.

Ko Ngäti Kahungunu te iwi
Ko Ngäti Hinemanu me Ngāi Te Upokoiri ngā hapū

E tū whakaiti tēnei hai kaitono mō te rohe pōti o Takitimu. Kei te iwi Māori te rangatiratanga kia puāwai ai ngā hapori kia hauora, kia ngangahau, kia pakari hoki te taiōhanga ā-rohe.

Ko tā te Kaunihera ä-rohe o Heretaunga he whakautu i ngä wero, arä, ko te whakatutuki i ngä hiahia o te iwi, kia kaua hoki e whakamōrearea i ā mātau tikanga Māori.
Hai Kaihautū mō Wharariki Trust ka taunaki ahau i te hangahanga mai o ngā whare haumaru, hauora hoki, ā, e whakapae ana ahau me kaha ake te mahi a HDC kia mutu ai tēnei take.

E noho ana ahau ki te poari o Te Oranga o Te Matau-a-Māui. E tika ana kia whängaihia e au ōku wheako kia pakari ake ai te anamata mō ō tātau whānau, hapori me ngātamariki.

My principal place of residence is in the Takitimu Māori Ward area. 027 555 5226 


I whakapapa to Rongomaiwahine and Ngati Kahungunu.

I was born, raised and live in the Hawke's Bay.

I would like to run for council to work with our community in partnership and share my experience and knowledge to support change. It is important that the Council maintains essential services meeting the needs of this and future generations.

My main reasons for standing are to enact meaningful action around environmental policies and to serve the community by addressing the lack of Mäori representation that has occurred for decades. It is my wish to be involved with decisions of Local Government regarding long term plans, ensuring they are for the good of all involved.

My principal place of residence is not in the Takitimu Māori Ward area. 




Ehara tāku toa i te toa takitahi, engari taku toa, he toa takitini. - Success is not the work of an individual, but the work of many.

Kiri Goodspeed is a member of Ngāti Pāhauwera, Trustee of Kurahikakawa ki Waihua Trust, a contributing member of the Tāngata whenua leaders rōpū for the HBRC Mōhaka me Waihua catchment plan; community projects including revitalisation of Te Pöhue Community Hall, Te Pōhue settlement water system and fighting an impractical 80km speed limit on SH5.

Kiri is a married mother of three, returned home after a successful career in corporate software implementation in Australia. She uses skills gained in the business world to run a consultancy business, sits on the boards of Hapū and Whenua trusts, whānau trusts and community charitable trusts.

Kiri's Māori (Rangirangi) whānau descends from Ngāti Rangikoianake and Ngāti Kurahikakawa. Her pākehā (Hamlin) family came to NZ in 1826 as missionaries.

My principal place of residence is in the Takitimu Māori Ward area. 021 083 20406 



Ehara tāku toa i te toa takitahi engari he toa takitini

Success is not the work of one but the work of many

Tēna koutou ki te wāhi ō Takitimu
Kō Sarah Greening-Smith ahau
I te taha ō tōku Pāpā no Nuhaka
I te taha ō tōku Māmā no Whakatāne
Engari nō Whakatū Hastings ahau
Hello Takitimu Maori Ward and the residents of the Hastings District.

My name is Sarah Greening-Smith and I am passionate about our people and their influence in their wider communities. Māori are unique in how we see solutions and connections. I will be focusing on solutions for connecting Māori elders, youth and the vulnerable to support systems, investigating
sustainability and environmental issues such as clean drinking water, water sources and land use and actual opportunities available in our district for urban and rural whanau.

My principal place of residence is in the Takitimu Māori Ward area. 



Consult, Create & Execute

He aha te mea nui o te Ao? He tangata he tangata he tangata.

What is the most important thing in the world? It is people it is people it is people.

Mihinui ki te wähi o Takitimu. Greetings to the Takitimu ward.

Ko Kellie Jessup tōku ingoa.

Nō Kahuranaki, Nō Mihiroa ahau. I descend from Kahuranaki and Mihiroa.

It is my privilege to be running as a councillor for the groundbreaking and inaugural Takitimu Ward.

My goals are to Consult, Create & Execute change for the betterment of Māori.

I will strive for stronger acknowledgement and true partnership to align with our founding document, Te Tiriti o Waitangi.

I will advocate for kaitiakitanga, to provide environmental stewardship to protect our waterways and land. I will advocate for better housing, improved health and normalise our language for the future, our mokopuna! 

A tick for Kellie is a tick for change.

My principal place of residence is in the Takitimu Māori Ward area. 027 431 6668 


Renata NEPERenata NEPE

Takitimu whakapapa, Takitimu tāngata, kia ora ki a tātou katoa!

Takitimu lineage, Takitimu people, good health to us all!

My name is Renata Nepe, I am 26 years old and I'm running for the Takitimu Māori Ward.

I am of Tāngoio, Korongatā and Rākautātahi Marae, and I am standing to be a strong advocate for the hauora of my people and the environment of our district. Hauora is a broad word, but when I use it, it means the holistic wellbeing of someone or something.

I will advocate for the hauora of my people and ensure our council reaches a place of implementing a cultural approach across the board and consistent in looking after the hauora of
my people and the environment of our district, but most importantly; affording full commitment to the Tiriti o Waitangi.

Āku mihi nui, Renata Nepe.

My principal place of residence is in the Takitimu Māori Ward area. 027 348 7567

Hastings District Rural Community Board Elections


As the number of nominations received did not exceed the number of vacancies, Abby MORLEY is elected unopposed.

Abby Morley is standing to ensure that Rural ratepayers are not forgotten and that their concerns have a voice that will be heard. She believes our Rural Communities should have safe
and maintained roads, accessible education & further investment in development to benefit our rural communities.

Abby has contributed to community projects including Te Pohue Water Scheme, the formation of the Te Pohue Community Plan, Community trust creation and hall revitalisation program. Abby is an active volunteer of Te Pohue Rural Fire Brigade & Brigade Committee.

Abby is a mother of one & lives with her partner in Te Pohue.

She has worked on farm as a farmhand, completed farm accounts, and understands the economic & psychological impacts that farming families can face. A Qualified Veterinary Nurse, Abby has previously worked for the SPCA which has given her extensive experience in working with a wide range of community members.

My principal place of residence is in the Tūtira Subdivision area. 022 624 7388 


As the number of nominations received did not exceed the number of vacancies, Isabelle CRAWSHAW is elected unopposed.

I am proud to stand for election for the Rural Community Board Kaweka Subdivision.

My husband Patrick and I and daughter Charlotte have been sheep and beef farming in Patoka since 2018.

As a mother, farmer, and an active member of my community, I am passionate about providing equal opportunities for rural communities and see the Rural Community Board as a strong vehicle for doing that.

In my current role as Acting General Manager for the Hawke's Bay A&P Society I have an immense connection with the rural community and its link to the wider Hawke's Bay community.

My various positions and network in the agriculture industry has shaped a desire to help influence and shape our place in the community.

My principal place of residence is in the Kaweka Subdivision area. 027 421 0276


As the number of nominations received did not exceed the number of vacancies, Jonathan STOCKLEY is elected unopposed.

The Rural Community Board gives rural people a strong voice within our district council. I know the Maraekākaho sub-division well.

I live and work in Maraekākaho.

Over the past eleven years I have: Helped establish Focus Maraekākaho; played a significant part in local projects; helped develop the Maraekākaho Community Plan and the Kereru
Community Emergency Response Plan; served my first term on the Rural Community Board and on the Eco-Districts and Great Communities sub-committees; helped ensure good governance and value for money for rural ratepayers.

I have excellent relationships with our district and regional councils and with local businesses and organisations.

I am a trustee of Maraekākaho Hall and understand the importance and needs of our rural village halls.

I drive our roads every day and know the many issues of condition and safety.

I question where needed and work hard to achieve positive change.

My principal place of residence is in the Maraekākaho Subdivision area. 027 241 1144


I live rurally and represent the interests of the dry stock sector in environmental policy at both a regional and national level in my professional work. I am acutely aware of the pressures facing
the rural community and am passionate about advocating for their interests.

I grew up in Hawke's Bay and live on a deer farm, working in Havelock North. I have experience working in local councils as a Planner and continue to work closely with them in my current
role. I understand the mechanics of local government and how best to influence and effect change.

The area from Cape Kidnappers to Te Hauke is diverse and one I am closely connected to. Whether you choose to live rurally for the lifestyle or rely on it for your livelihood, my passion and
professional experience make me equipped to represent your communities on the Rural Community Board.

My principal place of residence is not in the Poukawa Subdivision area. 027 384 4686


Resident of Poukawa for 26yrs, married to Andy, raising our children here. Our farming includes sheep, beef, forestry and cropping. Employing local casual labour at times. In times of drought or crisis, I have met with farmers, small block holders and rural residents. Supportive of Poukawa Community Google Group for rapid important communication. However nothing beats attendance of local families to a rural school encompassing all demographic groups for getting to know the community.

Our family have farmed here since 1850s, being well immersed in the wider community. Similarly attending local events celebrating life's milestones. Along with personal attributes
gained from a career in nursing - sensitive communication and cultural awareness makes me approachable, accessible and available.

Recently returned from full time work, I have the time available to represent this diverse community.

I will be an effective voice for this community that stretches from Poukawa across Kahuränaki and Waimärama.

My principal place of residence is in the Poukawa Subdivision area. 027 418 1179

Flaxmere Licensing Trust Elections


As the number of nominations received did not exceed the number of vacancies, Martha GREENING is elected unopposed.

No photo provided. No statement provided.

My principal place of residence is in the Flaxmere Licensing Trust area. 027 336 4454


 As the number of nominations received did not exceed the number of vacancies, Chrissy HOKIANGA is elected unopposed.

No photo provided. No statement provided.

My principal place of residence is in the Flaxmere Licensing Trust area. 027 945 5162


As the number of nominations received did not exceed the number of vacancies, Bronwen HOPKINS is elected unopposed.

No photo provided. No statement provided.

My principal place of residence is in the Flaxmere Licensing Trust area. 027 826 5251

Warwick HOWIE

As the number of nominations received did not exceed the number of vacancies, Warwick HOWIE is elected unopposed.

No photo provided. No statement provided.

My principal place of residence is in the Flaxmere Licensing Trust area. 027 430 2287


As the number of nominations received did not exceed the number of vacancies, Farley KEENAN is elected unopposed.

No photo provided. No statement provided.

My principal place of residence is in the Flaxmere Licensing Trust area. 027 499 5769


As the number of nominations received did not exceed the number of vacancies, Bert LINCOLN is elected unopposed.

Along with my wife Rhona, we have been residents of Flaxmere for 52 years. We have three adult children, Roger who is the Principal Policy Advisor for Dairy NZ in Wellington, Sarah who is Office Manager at the Nautilus Hotel in Napier and Daniel who is a Private Banker (Investments) with ANZ in Wellington.

Having been a Trustee on the Flaxmere Licensing Trust and the Flaxmere Licensing Charitable Trust for the past nine years, a Trustee of the Trust House Foundation in Masterton for the past three years and a volunteer member of the Flaxmere Community Patrol SAFE Team for the past four years, I regard these services as my way of giving back to the community of
Flaxmere, that has been so good for my family and myself.

I seek your support, so that I may continue serving Flaxmere on the Flaxmere Licensing Trust.

My principal place of residence is in the Flaxmere Licensing Trust area. 022 162 1161

Hawke's Bay Regional Council Elections

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