This page lists current and upcoming roadworks, ongoing road maintenance and temporary road closures in the Hastings District. Work dates may be subject to change.



  • Corridor Access Request (CAR) approval $400.00
  • Corridor Access Request (CAR) auditing charge $100.00 per hour
  • Traffic Management Plan (TMP) approval $100.00


These levels of service reflect the strategic status and level of traffic on the rural roads. They set the maintenance levels required to be provided by Council's maintenance contractors for various activities including mowing and drainage.

Signage, markings, alignment and hazard delineation levels are also determined according to each category of road.


You may have seen black tubes across your road and wondered what they were. These are traffic counters which record information about traffic volumes including the number of vehicles, their speed, length and classification. They do not record cyclists or other forms of non-motorised traffic.

The tubes are typically in place for a maximum of 7 days per count site. The information collected enables council to understand approximately how many vehicles are on our roads.

Find out the traffic volumes on your street:


August 14, 2017

Traffic is flowing well since the full opening of the new Whakatu Link Road roundabout and the opening of Napier Rd earlier this month.

Work on the roads linking into the roundabout continues, with the focus on the main north and south links to Hastings and Napier.

Work on the route travelling across the paddocks is still some weeks away with an expectation that it will resume in early September, weather permitting. 

The work on the bridge crossing Karamu Stream also continues to go to plan.



A vehicle crossing is an access between a property and a public road. All vehicle crossings must be constructed by a council-approved contractor.

Most applications for vehicle crossing are made as part of a building or resource consent application. In these cases a council-approved contractor will submit the application on your behalf.

Other applications for a vehicle crossing are made using the Vehicle Crossing application form below.


The Whakatu Arterial Link will provide a very important connection between the growing fields of Hastings, the production facilities of our district and the routes out of the region to our customers across New Zealand and the world. It will also move large vehicles from the residential streets in and around the Whakatu residential area, making the streets safer for our people.


If you are planning an event which requires all or part of a road to be closed, you’ll need to follow a formal application and approval process.

Closing the road without an approved traffic management plan and without a consent is illegal.

Note: You must apply for temporary road closures at least two monthsprior to the date. This is because the law requires all temporary road closure applications to be approved by elected councillors – it is not possible to ‘fast track’ a late or urgent application.