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Tomorrow (Tuesday) marks the first anniversary of the formation of the City Assist team in Hastings CBD.

The ambassadors began walking the streets of the central shopping area in Hastings on Monday 30th September 2013, in response to calls for greater security and public safety in the area.

The initiative was introduced on a six-month trial, with six ambassadors rostered to patrol the CBD,  7 days week. The initial trial only included Heretaunga Street but was later extended to include other streets surrounding the CBD and the Kmart Plaza.


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Miranda 30/09/2014

I believe that unless the speed on a specific road (or part of a road) has been the cause of...(more)

Paul 30/09/2014

I would love see a coffee, cafe, bistro type food outlet, which is caterers for all. Plenty of...(more)

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