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Nga Marae o Heretaunga is set to commemorate the first anniversary of the unveiling of 18 Pou in Hastings Civic Square.

The pou were unveiled at dawn on Friday 26th July 2013 during a spectacular ceremony. They had been carved from 1000-year-old tōtara trees, which were recovered from a river in Te Urewera and gifted by the people of Tuhoe. Each Pou depicts an ancestor chosen by the 18 different marae located in the Hastings District.

The commemoration begins at 11am on Saturday 26th July at Civic Square in Hastings.

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Help create a Reserve Management Plan for the Tainui, Tauroa, Tanner and Hikanui reserves in the foothills of Havelock North.

We want to be responsive to our community about the things you think and feel when it comes to council-related projects and decisions. This is why we have started our new Citizens Panel.


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I have had enough of having to adjust to accommodate the lowest common denominator. Lowering...(more)

Pippa Kitchin 23/07/2014

While I agree that some rural roads should be 80km it appears the roads that have been targeted...(more)

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