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Karamu and Frederick intersection
Nearly there: Intersection closed for finishing work.

The closure of the Karamu, Frederick and Grove roads intersection next week will be kept to as few days as possible, says Hastings District Council. The closure of the busy intersection, from Monday May 9 to Wednesday May 11, will allow the intersection to be re-sealed, following the improvement work carried out over the last eight weeks.

Hastings i-Site
Good news: Hastings economy on the up.

For the second quarter in a row spending in Hastings is up by 20 per cent. “It’s very good news. That gives us six months of steady increases which is a sign of confidence in our district, both by businesses and residents,” said Hastings mayor Lawrence Yule.

Photo supplied by Air NZ Hawke's Bay Marathon
Ready to run: All the categories in the new Air NZ Hawke's Bay Marathon have sold out.

The inaugural Air New Zealand Hawke’s Bay International Marathon has smashed predictions with all race categories sold out. That means almost 5000 competitors have signed up to be a part of what already looks set to become an iconic event on the running and social calendar; one that is as much about where the athletes are running as it is about how far.

Let’s play: A white city grows out of Lego at City Gallery Wellington.
Let’s play: A white city grows out of Lego at City Gallery Wellington.

Getting its hands on an internationally-travelled art installation project is a real coup for the Hastings City Art Gallery. Gallery director Toni MacKinnon announced this week that The cubic structural evolution project will arrive next month and open in June. Made up of 50,000 pieces of white Lego, it relies on the viewing public to build an “outlandish and titanic” city.

Big City Rising, by Kerry Anne Lee
​Visiting Asia: Big City Rising, by Kerry Anne Lee

The complex ‘personalities’ of Asia have been explored in-depth by New Zealand artists, and now their works have been brought together in an amazingly vibrant exhibition, Visiting Asia. Gallery director Toni MacKinnon says the works run the gamut, from “emotionally affecting” to “gently having fun with cultural misunderstandings”, and across media, from video works to a fantastic sculptural pieces and installation.

Work to correct the uneven surface along a section of Havelock Rd will be completed within four weeks. The problem affects about 600 metres between Havelock Bridge and St Andrews Rd, along the seam where the old road joins the new widened stretch. There are another couple of very small patches of road that appear to be suffering from the same problem, and a decision on whether to fix those at the same time is being made.

My Voice My Choice

A draft of Council's plan for the year (the Annual Plan) is out for consultation. Among the things to be decided is whether the way Development Contributions are charged should be changed and whether central city car parking should be paid for using coins in meters or by an annual charge on rates. Council is keen to get your input by May 8. 

In 2015 Council reviewed most of its 20 bylaws, getting rid of unnecessary and dated information and consolidating most of them into one easy-to-use set of rules.  As a result, a draft new consolidated bylaw has been developed for public consultation. Have your say on the proposed bylaw.

The Council is reviewing the Dog Control Bylaw and Dogs Policy and you are invited to have your say. Some parts of the old bylaw and policy are being removed including matters already covered in the Dog Control Act and thngs that Council cannot regulate, such as issues covered by the Animal Welfare Act 1999.

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