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Hastings Youth Council 2016
Round table: Fun as well as work for the youth council of 2016.

The next bunch of keen teens are needed to take up the seats around the Hastings Youth Council table. The positions are open to 16 to 19 year olds with an interest in what is going on in their district, particularly those things that affect their peers.   Former youth councillors recommend the experience. “Being on the youth council taught me that there’s always so much work going on behind the scenes of every school, group, event and business,” said Joe Walding-Kataitana.

Cricket Camps 2017
Wicket welfare: Young cricketers from across the country have converged on our region for the annual cricket camps. That means the cricket wickets are needing some special attention.

Near 1500 children from across New Zealand have spent much of January playing cricket in Hawke’s Bay at the annual Hawke’s Bay Cricket Camps. This year 135 teams from as far a-field as Auckland, Whakatane, New Plymouth and Wellington have played on wickets across the region including five in Hastings: Anderson, Windsor, Flaxmere, Cornwall and Frimley Parks. With the players come an estimated 3500 friends and family, all staying in Hawke’s Bay, adding an estimated $5 million to the local economy.  

People are being warned not to swim at popular spots Patangata , Horseshoe Bend and Red Bridge in the Tukituki River following results received (January 20) which show increased levels of cyanobacteria mats (algal blooms). Hawke’s Bay Regional Council’s weekly routine monitoring results, received today, show cyanobacteria mat coverage now at official health warning status ‘red’ for Patangata at 51.5% algal coverage, while Horseshore Bend and Red Bridge are categorised at ‘amber’ level, on the cusp of an official health alert, with coverage at 48% and 35% respectively. Hawke’s Bay District Health Board Medical Officer of Health, Dr Caroline McElnay said people were not to swim at Patangata and were also advised to avoid swimming at Horseshoe Bend and Red Bridge given coverage levels remained on the rise.

Boookvale Bore artist's impression
Picture puzzle: All the parts that make up the new Brookvale water treatment plant are almost here.

The parts for the new water treatment facility that will enable one of the Brookvale pumps to be turned on again have been constructed across the globe. Some have arrived, including the UV plant, while others are either clearing customs in their home countries or on flights. It has been a mammoth task. Normally putting in a two-stage treatment plant of this size would take a year at minimum rather than the five months that this one is being completed in, says Hastings District Council assets manager Craig Thew.

State Highway 2 - Whakatu Arterial Link start
Underway: Work on the Whakatu Arterial Link has started.

The diggers are rolling up to start work on the Whakatu Arterial Link road, connecting State Highway 2 (SH2) with Pakowhai Rd. It is the largest road project in Hawke’s Bay since the construction of the Napier-Hastings Expressway in 2002. As well as making transport of fresh produce across the district more streamlined, the finished road will take heavy trucks off the residential streets of Whakatu, making them safer for families.

Making sure all homes have water coming out of their taps is the top priority. Hastings District Council has today [January 12] raised water restrictions to level three in Hastings, Flaxmere, Bridge Pa and Havelock North, in the wake of pockets of homes across the district losing supply during peak times. That means a total ban on sprinklers but residents can use hand held hoses to water their gardens every second day, between 6am and 8am, and 7pm and 9pm. “But please use only what you need; if you can get away with half an hour, then stop after that,” said Hastings mayor Lawrence Yule. If there is not significant savings as a result of the level three restrictions, Council will have no choice but to move to level four, which means no outdoor water use at all.