Overnight parking for certified self-contained vehicles

Situated on the east coast of the North Island, the Hastings District, with its wineries, beautiful beaches and spectacular landscape, is the perfect place to explore. Camping is an increasingly popular way of seeing the country, enabling visitors to save considerable money on accommodation, as well as the ability to enjoy some of the more scenic parts of the countryside.

The Hastings District Council recognises this trend, and provides a number of Designated Council Sites where overnight camping by Certified Self-Contained vehicles is permitted. Overnight camping is only allowed within the Hastings District on these designated sites, or in a Holiday Park/Camping Ground.

Freedom Camping is prohibited.

Voted the ‘Motor Home Friendly Town’ of 2010 by the New Zealand Motor Caravan Association, visitors are encouraged to come and enjoy all that the District has to offer.

Freedom Camping

Freedom Camping is prohibited in the Hastings District. People found freedom camping on any Council owned reserve land, carpark, rest area or road lay-by not designated for such use by Hastings District Council will be relocated to a designated camping area and may be issued with a trespass notice.

Certified Self-Contained Vehicle

A Certified Self-Contained vehicle is designed to completely meet the ablutionary and sanitary needs of the occupants for a minimum of three days. Fresh water for drinking and cooking is stored in tanks. Waste water is collected in waste water tanks and disposed of via a dump station.

A self-containment certificate provides local and regional councils with a way to recognise that a vehicle poses minimal risk to the environment and public health. That way they are able to accommodate motor caravans at reserves and other areas where there are limited or no external facilities. Certification is available through the New Zealand Motor Caravan Association www.nzmca.org.nz

Vehicles without a certification sticker are not authorised to stay in any of the Hastings District Council designated camping areas, and must stay at one of the District’s commercial Holiday Parks or Camping Grounds.

Designated Council Sites 

Visitors are welcome to park overnight for a maximum of 2 nights at designated Council sites around the District provided they are in a Certified Self-Contained Vehicle.

The Council designated sites for Certified Self-Contained vehicles are shown below.

Specifically we ask that all visitors:

  • Ensure they discharge motor home or campervan black water (sewage) and grey water (sink and hand basin water) at designated Motor Caravan Dump Stations only.
  • Take all litter away with you.
  • Do not light any fires.
  • Ensure all dogs are on a lead at all times.


2 Nights max stay, certified self-contained vehicles onlyThere are 9 reserves within the Hastings District that have been set aside for the overnight stay by Certified Self-Contained vehicles.

Only certified self-contained vehicles displaying the green ‘responsible camper’ sticker are permitted to stay overnight at these sites, and for a maximum 2 night stay.

These reserves are monitored daily by a local security firm, and any unauthorised campers may be issued with trespass notices.

Toilet facilities available Toilet facilities available

Toilet facilities available

(A) Evers-Swindell Reserve

Clive Terrace, Clive

This reserve is located on the shores of the Clive River, located between Napier and Hastings. Overnight parking at Evers-Swindell Reserve is only permitted on Hastings District Council land under the trees. No overnight camping is permitted on the Hawke's Bay Regional Council sealed carpark that is located beyond the boat ramp, at the far end of the reserve.

Prohibited area is clearly signposted. Please note that this area is subject to inundation during heavy rainfall or very high tides.

Directions: From Hastings travel along SH 2 towards Napier, turn off just before the Clive Bridge onto Ferry Road. The reserve entrance is off Clive Terrace, which is the first road on your left off Ferry Road.

(B) Clifton Road Reserve

Toilet facilities available

Clifton Road, Hawke's Bay

Located right on the beach front on Clifton Road, between the settlements of Haumoana and Te Awanga, this is the most popular and largest of the reserves provided by the Hastings District Council for overnight camping.

Nearby attractions include several wineries, many resident artists and the popular Gannet Beach Adventures tours to the gannet colony located at Cape Kidnappers. Toilets are available at this site.

Directions: From Clive, take Mill Road and follow the signs to Te Awanga along till you reach East Road. Follow East Road to the coast and then turn right onto Clifton Road. The reserve is located approximately 450 m along Clifton Road.

(C) Haumoana Domain

Toilet facilities available

Domain Road, Haumoana

Haumoana settlement is located on the coast between Napier and Hastings. Toilets are available on this reserve.

Directions: From Clive, take Mill Road and follow the signs to Haumoana. Follow Haumoana Road for about 1 km, then turn left into Grange Road and take the first right into Domain Road. The reserve is 300 metres along Domain Road on the beach front. 

(E) Pakowhai Country Park

Pakowhai Road, Hastings

This site is located off Pakowhai Road in a picturesque rural setting, approximately 3 km north of Hastings and is a popular destination for day walks and is a designated off-lead dog exercise area.

Note the carpark is owned by Hastings District Council but the reserve itself is owned by Hawkes Bay Regional Council (HBRC) and no overnight camping is prohibited on HBRC land. There are no facilities available at this site.

Directions: From Hastings follow Pakowhai Road towards Napier for approximately 3 km. The reserve entrance is on your left just past the intersection with Ruahapia Road.

(F) Maraetotara Falls Reserve

Maraetotara Road, Hawkes Bay

This is a small remnant native bush reserve on Maraetotara Road that features short bush walks to an historic hydro-station and the Maraetotara Falls which is a popular swimming spot. There are no facilities available at this site.

Directions: From Havelock North follow the signs along Te Mata Road to Waimarama. Turn right at the intersection with Te Mata Mangateretere Road and Waimarama Road. Follow Waimarama Road until Maraetotara Road (approximately 9.5 km on your right). The area for designated overnight camping is approximately 2.5 km up Maraetotara Road on your right.

(G) Richmond Road Reserve

Richmond Road, Clive

There are no facilities available at this site.

Directions: Follow SH 2 to Clive, turn onto School Road (by the Clive Hotel) and follow this road for approximately 1.5 km. Then turn left into Richmond Road.

(H) Puketapu Domain

Toilet facilities available

Dartmoor Road, Puketapu

This reserve is located along the Tutaekuri River, west of Napier, and is a short drive from the Puketapu store, hotel and school. It features a cricket pitch, toilets and BBQ facilities.

Directions: From Taradale, follow Puketapu Road for approximately 7 km until you reach the settlement of Puketapu. Turn left at the Puketapu Hotel, onto Dartmoor Road. The entrance to the reserve is approximately 1 km along this road on your left.

(I) Dartmoor Bridge Reserve

Dartmoor Road, Puketapu

This reserve is located along the river, in close proximity to several popular wineries in the Dartmoor Valley. Note there are no facilities available at this site.

Directions: From Taradale, follow Puketapu Road for approximately 7 km until you reach the settlement of Puketapu. Turn left at the Puketapu Hotel, onto Dartmoor Road. The entrance to the reserve is 10 km along this road on your left.


Eastbourne Street West Carpark

The Hastings District Council has allocated the carpark, situated on Eastbourne Street West (by the railway line) for use by Certified Self Contained vehicles, for a maximum stay of two nights.

Please note that parking is limited to only part of the area and does not include the leased portion of the carpark. Overnight stays are limited to the central parking grid. Motor caravans may occupy two parks. Please follow the instructions on the sign. NB: Council reserves the right to close the car park for events such as the Blossom Festival (mid September).

  • Maximum stay allowed is two nights per calendar month.
  • No awnings or pullouts permitted.
  • Maximum length of vehicle permitted is 12 metres.
  • Free parking limited to between 5.00pm to 9.00am (normal pay and display fees apply outside those hours).
  • Pets to be on leads when outside the motor caravan.
  • Certified self contained vehicles only (certificate must be current and displayed).
  • Three metre clearance between vehicles.
  • Pack in – Pack out.
  • No alcohol to be consumed outside the motor caravan (liquor ban area).

District Holiday Parks/Camping Grounds

For those people who do not have Certified Self Contained vehicles, there are a number of excellent holiday parks and camping grounds available within the District. A list of the District campgrounds, including contact details, can be found on the following websites:


Motor Caravan Dump Stations

A Motor Caravan Dump Station is available at Napier Road in Havelock North.

The Hastings Top 10 Holiday Park, located on Windsor Avenue, Hastings also has a dump station available for guest use only.

Recycling/Rubbish Disposal

All commonly recyclable materials can be disposed of free of charge at the Havelock North Recycling Depot (Martin Place, Havelock North) or at one of the two Hastings District Council Refuse Transfer Stations - Blackbridge (Mill Road, Clive) and Henderson Road (Henderson Road, Hastings).

All other rubbish should be disposed of at one of the Hastings District Council Refuse Transfer Stations either at Blackbridge, Clive or Henderson Road, Hastings.

For more information relating to hours of operation and charges for the Hastings District Council Refuse Transfer Stations see http://www.hastingsdc.govt.nz/refuse-transfer-stations.


Metered and timed street parking may be used by motorhomes and campervans as long as the vehicle does not extend beyond the end of the white line which marks the parking space.

More information

Tony Stothart, Hastings District Council Team Leader Environmental Health (06) 871 5000.