Lost and found dogs

Lost dogs

If you have lost your dog, visit our Animal Welfare Centre in person to see if your dog has been bought in.

It is important you see for yourself as many dogs are cross-breeds, their descriptions can differ, and no dog can be accurately identified over the phone.

If your dog is not at our Animal Welfare Centre, we recommend you phone the New Zealand SPCA

If your dog is not collected within seven days, we may rehome it.

The following organisations in Hawke's Bay can also assist you in finding a dog for your family.

Adopt a Dog

Web: adoptadog.org.nz
Facebook: facebook.com/adoptadog.hawkesbay

SPCA Hastings

The SPCA Hastings as well as taking adult dogs, take all of our puppies three months of age and under. If you're looking for a puppy, be sure to contact them!

Web: spcahastings.org.nz
Facebook: facebook.com/SPCAHastings
Phone: +64 6 878 8733
Email: contact@spcahastings.org.nz

Found dogs

If you have found a dog, please bring it to us at the Animal Welfare Centre in Flaxmere.

We advise that you do not attempt to handle or restrain an aggressive dog. Instead, try to enclose it by locking it in a shed or behind a gate, then phone us immediately.

Dogs available for rehoming

See the list below of our dogs currently looking for their new forever home. We also post dogs for rehoming on our Facebook page.

2503 Heading dog x M 1.5 years old, gentle natured
2498 Pointer x M 1 year old, friendly
2501 Jack Russell x M 5 years old, energetic
2504 Whippet x F

2 years old, affectionate

Not suitable for a
home with cats


Each dog costs $250 which ensures they are desexed, treated for fleas and worms, vaccinated, registered and microchipped.

If your dream pooch isn't on our list of currently available dogs, contact us to be added to our Dogs Wanted List.

We're pretty proud of our record for rehoming dogs. We work closely with Adopt a Dog and Pets on the Net to ensure our dogs are rehomed.

Dogs we've recently rehomed

2506 Jack Russell x M Adopted
2500 Jack Russell x F Adopted
2473 Bulldog x M Adopted
2496 Rotweiler x Lab M Adopted
2460 Border collie X Adopted
2450 Jack Russell X M Adopted
2451 Jack Russell X M Adopted
2409 Mastiff X M Adopted
2408 Staffy X F Adopted
2372 Labrador X F Adopted

Huntaway x

F Adopted
2316 Fox Terrier x M Adopted
2301 Bearded Collie x F Adopted
2328 Staffy X F Adopted
2260 Labrador X F Adopted
2261 Labrador X F Adopted
2232 Boxer X M Adopted
2229 Rottweiler X M Adopted
2226 Huntaway X M Adopted
2225 Labrador X M Adopted
2215 Lab X Huntaway F Adopted
2233 Labrador X F Adopted
2197 Labrador X M Adopted
2166 Pointer M Adopted
2181 Chihuahua F Adopted


Fox Terrier X

M Adopted
2118 Labrador M Adopted
2133 German Shepherd X M Adopted
2083 Huntaway X M Adopted
2004 Huntaway X F 4 yrs
1960 Labrador X F Adopted
1928 Staffy X F Adopted
1937 Labrador X F Adopted
1914 Jack Russell X M Adopted
1929 Staffy X M Adopted
1874 Boxer X F Adopted
1890 Fox Terrier X F Adopted
1911 Broder Collie X Lab F Adopted
1930 English Pointer F Adopted
1871 Collie X F Adopted  
1824 Labrador X F Adopted
1811 Bearded Collie X F Adopted
1767 Huntaway X M Adopted.
1695 Bulldog F Adopted

Staffy X lab 

M 5 mths Adopted
1685 Lab X M 8 mths  
1684 Collie X F 8 mths Adopted