Vehicle crossings

A vehicle crossing is an access between a property and a public road. All vehicle crossings must be constructed by a council-approved contractor.

Most applications for vehicle crossing are made as part of a building or resource consent application. In these cases a council-approved contractor will submit the application on your behalf.

Other applications for a vehicle crossing are made using the Vehicle Crossing application form below.

Application for a vehicle crossing

Building and resource consents

A vehicle crossing application is required as part of a building or resource consent condition. You will be required to select an approved contractor who will submit an application on your behalf. The contractor will require your Building or Resource Consent application number and a copy of the conditions.

Standard vehicle crossing application

If your application does not form part of a building or resource consent, you are required to submit a vehicle crossing application form which is available below, or from Council’s Customer Services centre. Council will assess and approve your application before you engage an approved contractor.

Vehicle Crossing application form (effective 20 March 2017)

Fact Sheet Vehicle Crossings

CLICK HERE to Download (effective 20 March 2017)

Vehicle Crossings Prequalification Manual CLICK HERE